Any fan ..want to miss Kangaroo & Srilanaka match?

some say they R the Cricket cup finalists -2007


Was it a deliberate decision to take out the blackness out of the world cup in the west indies?

May be
not many
"Cricket Crazy Could"
afford to miss that match between
Australia & Sri Lanka
it's the real Thriller..of the world cup -2007

Our english cricket team are absolultey crap , no excuses?

i too feel they are cos at the moment it seems like aus will be at the top of the list and sl and nz would be 2nd and 3rd in the list. sri lanka already beat nz comprehensively so its very possible sl will win the semi final against nz. and aus will probably win their semifinal against the 4th team o n the list(SA or england most probably).
so i presume sl v aus will be!
by the way im sri lankan ;-)

Where can I get free or paid web cast (stream) for India - West Indies - Srilanka ODIs held in 2007 Jan - Feb?

i will not mis a ball..

i can see it on live video coverage

What is the main difference between Indian cricket team and Australian team?

no way -i am the Umpire of that match.
ha ha

Who is going to win this years cricket world cup?

No I do not want to miss any of the game.
Only what the tape miss as it on so late in australia it should be one of the best games.

In my view, Ganguly should be given the captaincy back. What is your opinion?

While Sri Lanka and Australia are strong teams and the match tomorrow between them will be a closely contested one, I strongly feel that Australia will win. I also do not agree that tomorrow's match will be a rehersal of the final, as I do not see these two teams playing in final..

Is everyone ready for a month of Caribbean cricket fever?

Machang ! I 'm not going to miss this match at any cost.
It's like a test for both teams.
Good that Lasith Malinga is kept hidden for important finals to surprise Aussies.
Aussies are already in fear of Sanath, Murli & Vass.

Did Indian audiance celebrate yesterday only after their win over Bermuda?

From the 1st ball to the last... Don't wanna regret like i did after SL won against England. Eng 80-2 why did i go to sleep "thinking" Eng would win? What was i thinking. No way i'm gonna miss this bad boy today... Have to see how some Aussie kangaroo a**ess are gonna be kicked by Lions.

After the big loss against West Indies does Pakistan have a chance to win the World Cup?


Do you think someone can equal Gibbs' record in the WC?


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