Anything suspicious about Bob Woolmer's death?


How About New Zealand?

'Woolmer murdered by gamblers'

Kingston - A former Pakistan cricketer has speculated that his country's coach, Bob Woolmer, who died in his hotel room on Sunday, could have been killed by gambling interests.
Former Pakistan fast-bowler Sarfraz Nawaz said he suspected Woolmer had been murdered.

Nawaz said: "Woolmer's death has some connection with the match-fixing mafia.

"I've been saying for days that Woolmer's death is not natural- it's murder."

Jamaica police, however, said there had been no evidence that it had been murder.

Woolmer, who was 58 and lived in South Africa, was found unconscious in his Kingston hotel room on Sunday morning and was pronounced dead after being transferred to a hospital.

The previous day, Pakistan had been stunned by Ireland in a St Patrick's Day victory that assured Pakistan's early departure from the World Cup, which is being played in the Caribbean.

A 10-man forensics team was working in the 12th-floor room where Woolmer died.

'He was perfectly fit'

Woolmer's wife, Gill, was interviewed on Indian television and discounted conspiracy theories.

She confirmed her husband had Type 2 diabetes, but said he had not been on prescribed medication for it, but had been on prescribed anti-inflammation drugs.

She said that following the loss to Ireland, "he e-mailed me the following morning.

"He mentioned that he was really depressed and could not believe how this could have happened.

"The Pakistani team's poor performance affected him, as any other big tournament that he lost as a coach.

"He believed that what happened, happened. One has to move on."

She told the Cape Argus newspaper that he was healthy and regularly exercised.

"There was nothing wrong with him - he was perfectly fit," said Gill.

Deputy police commissioner Mark Shields said in Kingston earlier: "There's no evidence it's a homicide, but we're waiting for further information from the pathologist before make any more statements.

"We have sufficient information to continue a full investigation into Woolmer's death, which we are now treating as suspicious."


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who is bob woolmer and how did he die?

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Have you seen pictures of Bob W? Very overweight, under a lot of pressure and his team had just been whomped badly in an international forum, losing a game they were not supposed to lose.

The obvious diagnosis is heart attack, second choice stroke. Too many factors tie together to make the death in the least suspicious.

Every body is concern for india? wat about the west indies arnt they doing a dam good job?

Its no use making bizarre stories. Lets wait till the autopsy report comes. Could be a stress related cause coupled with over medication

Which will country be win the 2007 cricket world cup?

There is nothing to suspect about the death of Bob Woolmer. Report about his death is as follows:

On 18 March 2007 Bob Woolmer was found unconscious in his hotel room in Kingston, Jamaica. He was taken to the nearby University Hospital but it was later confirmed that he had died. A post mortem will be carried out as required by Jamaican law. Pervez Mir, the Pakistan team media manager said that Woolmer had suffered from an un-named medical condition although Naseem Ashraf, the Chairman of the PCB, later said that Woolmer had complained of breathing difficulties before the team left for the World Cup, and also revealed that he had been a diabetic. His son was subsequently reported as saying that Woolmer may have died as a result of stress brought on by his job or from a heart attack.

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Nah, - the poor bloke had a heart attack, - pure and simple!

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no way, i work at the Pegasus hotel where he was found unconscious.

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he may have commited a suicide

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Pakistan=suspicious (always)

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yes. woolmer has not been recorded a heart attack for past few years. he was known as a calm man among his friends. He jus cant die due to stress. some where some how, some one is involved in his death. we will find it when we will get his postmortem report. and if pakistani officials need it.. even that will be hidden from rest of the world.

Do you think srilanka has potential to win world cup? why?

Maybe it was the pressure and tension.

Who are the players use to bat with heavy bat ?


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there's definitely something going on. How else would there be diarrhoea, blood and vomit everywhere. That doesn't sound like a heart attack to me. The only question is will it all be covered up? At least they are classing it as suspicious.

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The police seem to think so - all very strange and sad...

Criket worldcup?

yes Ali is right

but i also heard that Woolmer was going to give out names of Gamblers or he have writen them in his book he used to carry during matches. Who knows

And i dont know why India is so much eager to solve this issue then Jamacian Police? well, goodluck then lol

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