Any Indian high school team would have beaten Bangladesh what's the big deal?

Any other Indian team would have beaten Bermuda why do we keep most of the old players still in the team??


Where can i watch LIVE cricket ASOLUTELY FREE??/?

they did not cheat like Australians did
so plz dont under rate them this way.
if you say so tigers kicked your "High school "... out of the world cup
before it really get started.

Can someone tell me how can i watch free onday matches india vs wi on net ?

Hmm..lets think as if to give some competition ;)

( Any other Indian high school team would have beaten the current team !! )


they still got us out of the world cup.

Wattmore is the new Indian Cricket Coach?

Are you sure but i think Habibul Bashar,Javed Omar,Khaled Mahmud,Abdur Razzak,Dwayne Leverock are more capable than school children......

Should sachin tendulkar take retirement from one day cricket after world cup?

Ya man any High School team would even defeat the current Indian TEam da.
Well we have really overaged players
and we stink

With the exception of Gilchrist & Symonds, why are most Australian players arrogant/rude?

Not exactly. Bangladesh got us into trouble in the first game and it took our keepers to win us the game.

Don't underestimate Bangladesh - they are a much better side as evident from the recent past.

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Yeah.So don't you think it's high time we swapped teams?

How do the ING Cup and VB Series bonus point systems work?

I don't know what makes you underrate Bangladesh so much. In the World Cup 2007, they not only defeated India but South Africa too. Although India won, Bangladesh put up a very competitive score in the 1st one dayer of the current series underway at Bangladesh. Bangladesh may not be a strong side but they are very competitive all the same. And they have rudely exposed India's bowling deficiency. It is nice to see India winning once again, but it is unfortunate that they are trying to prove themselves against a team which you believe any Indian school side can defeat. Bermuda for all their weaknesses tried their level best against India and the same can not be said for the Indian team.
It is somewhat unfortunate that the inept Gregg Chapell and his sidekick Kiran More made an issue out of old players in the side. No team does it. Players are selected because of their competence and performance and not age. In the World Cup 2007 some of the oldies did outperform the youngsters. Experience does matter. India's 1983 World Cup winning side wasn't composed of rank youngsters. K. Srikkanth was one of the notable failures of that side, which has been forgotten in the overall euphoria of India's victory. He should make less comments about others.

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Your question in a way is damaging in nature to the reputation of the Bangladesh Cricket team. Mind you, this very Bangladesh team not only beat Indian team in the prelims but also beat the World Top(at that time) team viz South Africa. If any Bangladesh cricketer were to read your question, I don't how he will react.

What team do you think will win the 2007 world cup?


If anybody can. answer overally which team is presently get most support to will win world cup cricket 2007

Who said? The best Indian team lost to Bangladesh not once but twice. But, you are right any school team can defeat Bermuda coz they are an amateur team themselves.

Should Pak win the World Cup?

Wow! When did you creep out of the tiny cave you were living in all these days (lol)?

If you have noticed that in the last two ODIs played in Dhaka on 10th and 12th May India won, but not the way you want us to believe. Ask the Indian Captain R. Dravid and he will reply you the same. Respect Bangladesh Team. It is no more a cake-walk in these days to run over Bangladesh as you or for that matter any other established cricketing teams were doing till the last ICC CWC 2007.

We know that we are still 'underling' in the eyes of Indians, but our progress in Cricket is getting better day by day.

I could also ask similar question like, if there is one-dayer now held between Bangladesh Krira Shikhsa Pratisthan (BKSP) school team with the touring Indian team then chances are 50-50 for the win. Does that mean that our school boys of BKSP can beat India constantly?

What has happened to the Sportsmen Spirit!

Who will win the cricket world cup?

4 yrs ago prbably yes. not now. after all, they beat our national team in the world cup

Mrf cricket bats?

Its like saying: "For the time being we can beat such teams."
But even in its matches against bangladesh, bangladeshis gave a solid fight for the match. Had it not been for luck, we would be facing even more humiliation.

What is the mean by when the player is standing behind the wicket?

Dont under estimate Bangladesh as they are a team having talented youngsters with good potential

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