Why and how mighty Pakistan lost to a minnow like Ireland? What is the main reason?


Why Indian cricket stars are against doing three commercials in a year?

THEY THREW THE MATCH!! They're match fixers and cheats and a disgrace to the game. They should be banned until they weed out ALL of the corruption that's rife throughout Pakistani cricket.

What is it you love about pretty riky?

pakistani players did not grew long beards and they didnt fast before the game , thats why they lost

Why are some cricket matches only available to view on Pay TV?

because afridi shoaib and other some player were not there in the world cup

What is the true standard of county cricket?

main reasons:
- shahid afridi and shoaib akhtar werent there
- bad opening line of batsmen
- we have better players that could have played compared to other players that were actually playing.
- irelands st. patricks day, which is lucky for them

Should we stop accusing Gilchrist,cuz he is a good batsman?

First of all Pakistan team were over confident and complacent and did not take Ireland team seriously. That was the main reason for their debacle against Ireland. There was collective failure of batsmen and bowlers of Pakistan in that game.

Who you think will be in the semi final from cricket world cup?

they took game lightly

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