Who's responsible for losing the test series india vs s.africa?



What is the chance for Australia winning 2007 cricket world cup for the second consecutive time?

60% greg chappel
20% rahul
10% Sachin
10% sehwag's inclusion

Bowlers are very good

Has ATN Cricket Plus Destroyed the good old CBN channel?


Do you think england will win the world cup or is there no chance?


Who Murderd Pakistan Cricket coach Bob Woolmer?

actually the attitude and mindset of our players along with coach's experiments.our batting was pathetic in 2nd innings of 2nd and 3rd test .

Who is the best player of West Indies?

Our Indian players.


the game strategy by rahul dravid and greg chappel for sending sehwag in place of dinesh kartik in the second innings was a very wrong decission. the 1st innings openers have given a very good start .the decission for the changed strategy proved to be costly.

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umpires made mistakes...but we didnt play well...esp our batters...feilding was very poor.. cheers to kartik,sreeshanth and zahir...who put their heart and soul in their efforts.

Will people forget Bob Woolmer after the world cup?

the batman of tndians and umpires

1999,Pakistan got thrashed,2003, India got Thrashed, is it the turn of Srilankans?

i think that the new and young players did try hard enough but players like laxman could have given a helping hand to their country

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bizzere umiring
Team india lost tests/series b/cuz of bizzere umpriing. dravid given out 2, sachin 2 and sreresant, kartik were 1 when they were not out more than 7 lbw decision went against kumble. othwerwise smith would not have scored century in 2nd test,or 94 runs in final tests. dravid's captaincy is good and impressive. even SA cricket expert praised his captiancy.IF umpireres were doing job of favouring SA what captian would do? Sachin r was adjudged leg before to Pollock when the ball was missing leg-stump. Last man Munaf dismissed off the seventh ball of a Dale Steyn over. Umpire Asad Rauf erred on both occasions. Even team India paid price for sub standard umpring in WI tour
ppl forgot the same team won test in WI under dravid's captincy without ganguly and tendulakr dravid won mom and mos. thes test series is well fought series compared to privious 3 tours.
team india did not win seires in SA in last 3 tours irrespective of who was the captain and player of playing X1. it did not happened even under ganguly's leadership. Infact this series is well fought than the 3 privious tours.Why ppl did not make noise that time about poor performance or never asked for captiancy change?
dravid is good captian. He got test captain cap for ICC test team for his success as captins of team ind in cricketing season.his name was also shortlisted for icc captain award.this proves that dravid is a good captain, b'uz ICC nomination and selection done by int'l cricket experts not by ind politicians or chamachas of ind cricket heros. excellent captaincy by rahul he managed resources verywell and his bowling change field placement were very impressive. dravid proved he deserved to win the cap for icc test team dravid won recently CASTORAL cricketer / batsman of year 2005-2006 ( ind media never highlight dravid’ s hardwork or achievements.) Even SA commetrators and ganguly himself praised dravid’s captaincy. Dravid does not need anybody’s specially fanatic ganguly’s fans certificate for his captiancy

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Selectors are responsible for the selection of out of form sehvag.

Captian is responsible for given a chance out of form sehvag in the last test.

Sehvag is responsible for poor perfarmance.

Hi friends rate these is articles which one is best.?

Moral responsibility should be of the Dravid and the Coach.At this juncture we should not condemn individual players

Most wickets?


During the maintenance of the pitch at the tea interval the groundsmen has damages in cricket?

greg chappel

Who do you think will win the ICC World Cricket League Tournament?

the strategy of the Indian team is responsible.In the third test at cape town when Sehwag played well at No.6 in the first innings he scored 40 and in the second innings he was again told to open which was not a right decision since Karthik showed his abilit to open with 63 in first inngs.and in the second inngs.also made a good score of 38 where many of the other batsman failed. If opened Karthik's 38 would have been better giving some relief to the middle order.

Why couldn't So Called,.."No.1 team" stop hammering From Bangla Tigers?

all of them were equally responsible including the coach

Do u really think that indian cricket stars deserve to b treated as god in india?

all indian batsmen


rahul and greg becoz they dont have ability. rahul is not a active captain and greg is a big asshole

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