Are srilankans better than india ?

recent performance shows srilanka is better than india in cricket. srilanka won by 189 runs in kiwisland at auckland and india is about to get defeated in third test series in proteas . i think lankans are become very tough in both oneday and test under the guidance of tom moody their coach. they are playing like the team. india simply surrendered to southafrica . the way india is playing they will lose to minnows zimbabwe and bangladesh. why india has become so weak. is it there is no will to fight only for money


Why do indians dont lik our sri lankan cricket team??

Cricket is a game of chance and luck. Anyone can beat anyone in any match. No one is invincible. Even Kenya has beaten the mighty Australians, but it does not mean that Kenya is world champion.

Will INDIA win the DURBAN test...?

Well India is going through a roungh patch just like most other teams have gone through. If you are talking about talent the Indian team is much better with the likes of Tendulkar, Dravid Ganguly and Sreesanth. And i have to agree with the points u made about them, they are surrendering against S.A and it looks like they will loose to Bangladesh. Hopefully Tendulkar can rediscover his form and lead India along with Dravid to have a memorable 2007

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s srilankans are better . jayasurya is in form..and they have good fielders.they have a world class spinner(kumble shuld be dumped in to garbage bin becos he doesnt know to field)

Have you guy es forgotten that Sri Lanka has a better chance to win 2007 WC.?

yes the lankans r much better than the indians.the problem with our men is tat they r so lazy and over confident.if they workhard the prize is going to be theirs.

Will India win today in WI-India day-night ODI match?

I don't think so. Indian Team Members are much better individually most of the times but fails as a team some of the times; and they can easily beat the Sri Lankans in most of the games both ODI and Test.

However, the Sri Lankans are somewhat monolithic in nature on the field as they have good understanding among themselves than their Indian counterpart. The whole of Sri Lankan team plays for one goal - to Win. The Sri Lankans were the underdog of the world cricket (like Zimbabwe, Kenya and Bangladesh in these days) not very distant past and they indeed performed very well in shortest possible time and got to the position where they are now. Consider today’s result against the NZ.

Indian players need to be selected on merit basis and not on regional representation basis. This is my personal view and this may not be compatible with the political decision makers in India who would like to see that 'democracy' should prevail and talent may be taken care of at later stage!

In any case, I wish South Asian teams (India, Pakistan, Sri Lankan and my country Bangladesh) success in coming days!

In continuation of Sunil Gavaskar's question, I would ask what is the best way to improve Indian Cricket?

Sri Lanka are the better team at the moment, better application in their cricket, and a fine coach in Tom Moody who seems to have gotten them foucused, and I feel they will be the team that will face Australia in the final of WC 07.

And Seagull - check your facts buddy!! Kenya HAS NOT beaten Australia!! They have given them a couple of scares (Nairobi 02 and World Cup 03), but they have never beaten tehm. Perhaps you are thinking of Bangladesh who beat Australia in 2005 in Cardiff.

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yes the sri lankans are better at the moment they are playing decent cricket.

Should the coach and captain be replaced??

time will tell ind vs sri lanka not far and srilanka also in our pool in the world cup.

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no both same i think india is better

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