All you English out there, are u interested in cricket at all?

Question:I thought cricket was the national sport of England. But to my great surprise, not too many English seem to follow the game. Maybe its just with the place I live (midlands).
How many of you are following the ashes? Are you interested in the game at all? Is it Englands faliure in the game that has made you loose interest in it?


How can you add a created player in ricky ponting cricket 2007 in to an international side?

Cricket only seems to be the national sport of this country when we're winning . there again we're not known as a nation for supporting a losing team in any sport.

I still love cricket - always will. We'll bounce back.

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I am from the usa and I love cricket and yes a follow ashes

Raining!!NOOOO.Australia vs Srilanka..its raining rite now?

well im not english
but i sure as heck do love cricket

In my view, Ganguly should be given the captaincy back. What is your opinion?

No sorry! Love footie tho!

Where do u see the austalian cricket team after ponting, gilchrist, hayden retires...?

Sadly, I'm not interested in cricket at all (probably because I don't understand it more than anything). Maybe if I could convince my other half to sit down with me and go through it (very) slowly I might 'get it'.


Well, erm, can't say I'm too proud to be a fan at the moment.
Its more an old school direction problem that we have in the game at the moment as opposed to the players.
You say midlands, have you tried getting into Edgbaston or even through the area when a match is on? Nightmare mate.
A lot of "fan's" jumped on the success band wagon when we won the ashes but the core fan base stays largely unchanged.

What GMT time will the cricket world cup matches in the West Indies start?

i love footie..and arnt we getting trounced at not sure but there really is no comparison..or rugby...we all have our special allegiance..

Honestly whose da better competitor to reach gilchrists level?Dhoni or sangakkara?

i dont mind watching cricket but like most sport we play i dont really watch it as an avid fan as i know england will lose

unfortunately which ever sport u look at we have taken on too many foreign players so our own home grown players got no chance to show their skills off untill we get back ot only play ing elnglish players in the english team etc we will be crap at the international level regardless of the sport we play we were extremely lucky to win the ashes last time

Who will win the cricket world cup 2007 - Austrailia or Sri lanka?

I've got to say no, I'm not that interested. National pride makes me find out if we win or not but to be honest, I'm not particularly bothered.

I think it goes back to school for me. We did all kinds of sports in Secondary school but when it came to the school cricket team, it was mysteriously already picked with kids who did it outside of school, so in those five years I never played the game. In Junior school I only did it once.

I don't know if that is the experience of other thirty somethings out there but I think that is what gives me a lack of interest, it was just a game we never played...

Cricket to me is like Baseball.. boring and something other people do and watch.

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i'm english and it's not our biggest sport we have here, it's football (soccer). Personally i don't like cricket, but that's just me. But yes alot of people do follow the ashes.

INDIAN CRICKET FANS : What do you enjoy about India beating Pakistan. Where did this come about?

Football is our primary National sport.

Not too many people, nationwide, follow the sport when the game in Aussie takes place through the night, funny that ain't it?

Thousands of English people are at the grounds in Australia, have you seen the telly? If your such a supporter, why are you not out there? I know of about 100 in my town that are there.

Maybe, it is just where you live. The Midlands is not really the bedrock of English cricket is it?

I am sure that you will agree, it does not add to the excitement when the media have to be one day behind the game. It hardly creates much excitement when you come downstairs and see the score on teletext.

Yes, it is Englands inability to have enough preparations. Harmisons joke bowling, which was an embarrasemt to all of us.
Mahmood and Anderton couldn't hit a barn door.
The result of the series was never in doubt to me. I told my kids that we would lose 5 - 0 before the series started.
The batsmen have failed miserably.

I've been going over Essex CCC for over 30 years and in my view, for what is worth, it is one of the most shoddy tours that I can remember.

Did World Cup Cricket organizers miss a trick with how they allocated tickets?

Cricket? oh yeah that game thats so slow and dull its take 5 bloody days to play a game, i'd rather extract my own liver with a shite covered blunt axe than spend 5 days (and a lot of cash no doubt) to watch a bunch of blokes fart around at snails pace.

I think you'll actually find that football is the national sport of England.

Who is responsible from the team for losing against bangladesh?

i m nawt English but i stioll liek cricket

Why do Foreign coaches in Cricket fail in India while they do very well with other teams performance?

love it

Who will win the cricket world cup 2007 ?

I am indeed

Does anybody have Cricket VB Series 2005 vedio of all matches. Teams are Pak, WI,Aus?

Im 100% english and i luv cricket, its my main sport, i play county 4 bucks, i no its not gr8 but im plsed wiv it! al ma gd m8s lyk cricket, i fink since we won the ashes more ppl hav got into the sport but its not as popular as i shd b, its cos ppl dat watch it say its rele borin, which, admit it, when watchin the ashes this year with england as they are, is pretty borin and miserable, yh but cos ppl fink its borin 2 watch they automatically assume its borin 2 play and then no1 evn tries playin but for all those muppets that dnt wana evn try cricket, TRY IT!!!!

Do you think Inzamam-Ul-Haq is a good batsman?

Yeh i'm an english cricket fan, im just not following the ashes cos its also known as depression, cus the national team are bloody useless. I follow Englands greatest county team, Lancashire, in between playing 4 my club.

What do you think about Malinga's hattrick + 1 wicket in 4 dilliveries?

Cricket isn't the national sport, it is indeed football, but there are many many clubs that play at the weekend come the summer. Depending on which part of the Midlands you're in, you've got the Birmingham League, Warwickshire League, Everards League (Leicestershire), there used to be two in Staffordshire ... there's 90 clubs with nearly 200 teams in the Warwickshire League alone, and that's a feeder league for the Birmingham League where you get county 2nd XI players and the odd overseas pro like Steve Waugh, Mushtaq Mohammed, Wasim Akram and Shoaib Akhtar. England may be getting thrashed silly by a very good Aus side but they are still #2 in the world on merit, and I will play the game till I physically can't any more (what do you mean, 'quit now then'? ;P ) and will follow the national side till I die.

Why did india didnot took DEBASIS MOHANTHY for world cup 2007 squad?

I am from India and I love cricket. I follow the ashes and all the games in cricket.

What punishment should be given to indian cricketers after they are out of world cup?

It just happends that you've set up an account TODAY. Afraid to use ya own username?

National sport of England - you are having a laugh! Our national sport is and always will be football.

Who was the first cricket captain to win all five tosses in a test series?

1) you have posted this question in an area about cricket, so by definition, anyone english reading the quesiton must be interested in cricket, otherwise they wouldn't be in the cricket section
2) its not our national game; we prefer football, rugby, darts, snooker, synchronised line painting and just about anytyhing else right now

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football is the national sport but I'm English and i bloody love it!

Which stadium in World can hold more than 90000 spectators?

I love the game even now! have followed cricket and England since 1981 (bothams ashes)

A true fan takes the Bad with the Good

Sledging ??

I love the game - the current performance of the England team won't make any difference to that. I am also enjoying following an amazing series between South Africa and India at the moment.

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