5th Ashes at SCG..England doomed again.On to become history for a complete white-wash ?


Result india v sri lanka one match iden garden?

You're out of your mind!

Whom do you think is a better wicketkeeper dravid , dhoni or kartick?

Yep no surprise coz we're too good for england. Whole series we've been dominate, we've totally owned England this series.

Did australia win the cricket world cup 2007 fairly against sri lanka?

I am honestly disgraced with Englands performance this summer! It shows that to win the test matches you need a whole team performance (Shane Warne held the team in the 2005 series). Matthew Hoggard, KP and Monty Panesar are the only players standing up, fighting hard and enjoying their cricket. Australia 5-0 whitewash!!

Anyone from India here?

well it wont be the first time that this has happened it happened in the late 1800s we beat england 5-0 in a test series

Whats the prizemoney for winning the WC??

yes, because there is very poor performance of the English team. I thought they forgot how to play cricket.

World cup 2007?

Very pathetc performance by England. They have been proved to be no match for Australia.

Have you noticed how Ricky Ponting looks like George Bush?

From test one it was obvious that england were gonna loose the Ashes and im not surprised the Aussies will complete a whitewash against england for the first time in over 85 years. What a great send off it will be for Warne, McGrath and Langer

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YES! we Aussies are just too good for them. They're just in horrible form. Not batting smart at all. Its hard to list the wrong things they're doing when there are so many. The Aussie team is awesome

Who do you think the Pakistan cricket team will win this year?

Without Michael Vaughan, Trescothick, Simon Jones things have become very very easier for Australia. If these ppl were there, there might ve been atleast some fight from the England side. Sill 5-0 whitewash will be a great farewell to Shane,Glenn and Langer.

How Many Teams Are There In The World Cup Cricket 2007.?

Yes.....and it is not a surprise at all. Infact it was due to happen during the 2005 Ashes as well....but they managed to win it (accidents can happen!!).

Should Michael Vaughan be in the one day side?

This was expected.. They really lost their way on the final day of 2nd test in Adelide... They should never have lost that match. The Ashes hero of last year Flintoff made no significant contribution. Harmisson was way short of his best. Playing Giles ahead of Monty was the biggest blunder made by Fletcher. Ironically it was Giles who was selected ahead of Monty because of his better feilding and batting capabailities who dropped Ponting in Adelide and he went on to make a centuary. Peitersen was batting reasonably well but he was running out of partners. Bell got starts but failed to convert them into big scores. Same goes with Strauss. England played well in patches. But that is not enough to beat a team like Australia.

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its sad that whitewashed happened

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