A very serious issue all over sports1234.com s. please answer me??

Question:why is it that on sports1234.com s,always india is critisized and made the topic of joke in every category(including cricket)..!??!
all the indian fans out there please answer me and i also invite all countries to be a part of it...
i am feeling like our country has lost its credibility..



I am a West Indian and I have only recently joined sports1234.com s.

I agree that there is much criticism of India and Indians on this website. However,from my observations, a high percentage of the criticisms come from your own people! That is startling in itself! I believe you should do a self examination and you will see what and where the problems are. You need to project a better image of yourselves and of your country and then you would start to get more respect.

It has nothing to do with your skin colour (I am from the Caribbean and I am blacker than you) or whether or not you are a less developed country than most. It just seems that, at least for me, your way of life...your values...your passion...your expectations are a bit different...but that is your culture and I have to respect that!

Having said that, there is ABSOLUTELY no way in the modern world that would accept your arrogance(e.g. the lack of respect for the other teams) and the way you sometimes criticize or even treat your own kind.

I will use cricket as an example, Dhoni's house being destroyed because the team loses a game to Bangladesh is bordering on primitive and babaric. Sachin is an icon in India (and the rest of the cricketing world). He has been your hero for a long time.Just because he doesn't perform to your expectations in CWC 2007, you treat him with scant courtesy.

I can empathize with you on some issues because as a West Indian, we have had our moments when our team has let us down. A matter of fact it's been a while since WI have done something for us to savour. However, the lengths to which you go to criticise and make derogatory remarks about the ones you support and love does not describe the true meaning of fans. Furthermore, you are making those comments in a forum for the rest to world to see. You have no choice but to deal with the backlash!

I know this is a long read but in closing, I just want to say you have no one to blame but yourselves for the way the rest of sports1234.com s view you. I am saying this from an objective unbiased perspective.

Does any1 know the lyrics+translation 4 the song on the bangladesh world cup cricket commercial- grameen phone

dude who in the blue hell cares about cricket

If u want to make a team to defeat australia wat 11 player would u choose from different teams?

Because the main motivation for us Indians more than anything else is....MONEY!
We don't care about the spirit of the game (cricket or whatever sport) or the people we help in our work of whatever field or try to enjoy ourselves or have fun...we only care about money.

We're blinded by money and pride and hence loose our ethics and fall for it.

We're so shallow, that every country in the world uses us as much as possible and in the end we end up being looked as dirtbags.

India is very conservative oohh guy can't hang out with another girl, anything outside of arranged marriages are unethcial...puahahahahahaha... love for money, jealousy for neighbors, greedy selfish attiutudes to get get as much money as possible makes us seriously the least ethicallly sensitive people in the world!

Why is Dhoni not whacking these days??

I'm happy to make jokes about other countries, if you like.

Is Cricket About Fair Play?

hey calm down man..its a game..differnet sides will pick on your team anyday..i wanted india to win so i could watch hot chics untill the final...When pakistan got out..i wanted to kill an irishman! hahah and it was st pattys day. i felt like i was picked on too..its normal its cricket

How are players selected for contract?

Some people are fools don't let them get to ya dude.

Is cricket needed in India?

please do not get mad at me. this is just my view...i am sorry if i hurt anyone..

Hello Aki...Good question. They shouldn't post so many question mocking India or Pakistan in Yahoo all over. I am a Bangladeshi supporter. The reason I don't want to open any topic on Bangladesh because all the Indian and Pakistani supporter will curse me big time, sometime probably for no reason, sometimes probably they just can tolerate or hatred.. as they even curse themselves and I have seen yahoo users calling Bangladesh a "bast***". To them I have only this to say--- If you guys don't have respect for yourself, how you gonna respect others and get respect back from others? I hope none of you wont ever hear any cursing from my behalf. :D thanks. Hatred only creates war.

Who will break saeed anwar's highest individual world record?

some how i never see that side. all i c wen i come here is a bunch of indians talkin bout that overrated side of yours ( no offense meant!)

Why is it called Offside and Onside in cricket?

You guys don't respect others so how can you think of getting respect back from others. Wouldn't you get mad when someone curses you? Same goes here, it doesn't change the fact even if you guys curse other low ranked team. They still win. It only introduce yourself over as a pathetic team and make them stronger. So stop look down. Don't produce the Caste system here.

Can you tell me what do you mean by commercialision of cricket?

i like the indians but too aggresive when other countries plays the indian team in india the fans are too hostile to the other teams but i love indians good people after all i have indian in me too.

Who will win the Pakistan vs Sri Lanka series?

personally as an Aussie i feel every time i get on to the cricket forum there is always alot,id say majority of indians on here carrying on about how good tendulka is,how you guys are going to kick other sides a$$es,how you all think Aussies are arrogant/racist and generally its just india this and india that.

people get sick of hearing the same stuff,and probably answer questions in a negative manner towards india.

don't worry about it your not alone-try being an Aussie cricket fan on this forum,we get heaps of criticism and alot of it comes from indians.

Where can i find details about cricket clubs in and around Chandigarh?

because indians like jokes

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