Any tips for a cricket beginner. Batting only and yes Ive heard "hit the ball"?


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Personally when i play (i play on and off depending on where i am, so that makes me a beginner every time i start). I see the ball, watch the bowlers hand, you'll learn the different things they do. I block every shot, or keep it down if it is rising. When i block my shots i ensure that if there are fielders standing close to me (silly point, and the other side, forget the name) they can't catch the ball. This ensures that you see the ball, and you can judge for yourself what the ball will do for you.

Later on when you feel comfortable with that, rather than stopping, go with the motion and don't stop yourself. Soon you'll see that most of the shots you blocked are actually interesting and good shots.

But as people mentioned, the key is practise. Personally i prefer to practise atleast two hours everyday, and not taking a break if it is saturday or sunday.

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There is no tips. Just go and Play..

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depending upon the age if the person is under 10 then he should begin playing cricket in clubs or nearby grounds....... & he should also learn to play wid technique. otherwise if he is more than 10 then he should bat,bowl and field well i.e. should try to hit four on every ball, if he is interested in bowling then he should ry to make econ. rate as low as 1-2runs/over.

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s that is the basic thing hit the ball in its merit!!!!

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1. Use the right bat. I mean the weight and size.

2. Learn to hold the bat properly. I mean grip it properly.

3. The footwork. I mean approach the ball rather ball approaching you.

4. Learn the running between the wicket.

5. Learn the proper use of the padding.

6. Learn to be selective about hitting the ball.

7. Don't form any bad habits as a batsman.

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Put the ball in a sock and tie it to the ceiling using a thin rope so that it is just a few inches above the ground.

Now stand in batting position and hit the ball straight so that it goes away and swings right back at you. Hit it again in a manner that it keeps coming back at you.

This is the best way to practice batting with a straight bat.

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