2007/08 India 'Nike' One-day Shirt?

I want to buy the new 2007/08 India 'Nike' One-day Shirt in mumbai. can someone give me names and addresses of shops in mumbai who sell OFFICIAL India clothing.


How Can I WATCH Cricket world cup online Free from France.?

Go to the web site given below

Can anyone give me many test cricket records?

You can talk about this and any other topic about any other Cricketing nations and about any form of Cricket over here:


Register there and you are ready to go!

Munaf Patel ko strick bolar kyu nahi bana rahe ho. Aur pathan frist match kehele ga ya nahi ?

plz try this web site given below

Who is the best performer in worldcup 2007?

if u want to buy a 2007/08 India 'Nike' One-day Shirt,you can go to the following website

I want to be a cricketer and i want to play first class cricket in england i am a batting alrounder how can i?

try ebay

All you English out there, are u interested in cricket at all?

All Nike stores in India carry this merchandise. Good luck!

If your bat is touching the crease (half in and half out) and the ball hits the wicket,are you run out or not?

You can search for a NIKE shop in Mumbai. You'll surely get one there.

How do the ING Cup and VB Series bonus point systems work?

u can go to the followinf web site
in mumbai go to thane their is market where u can finf shirt of indian cricket team

Please suggest me a presentation to our beloved indian cricket team for saving millions of boys and girls.?

Goto: http://www.colombotown.com

On what conditions can India win the World Cup?

The 2007-08 official 'Nike' clothing of the Indian cricketers is dull in colour and in keeping with the colour of the outfitting, the performance of the cricketers is also dull. I don't know whether you will be permitted to buy the official clothing or that they are available for sale at all. But you can buy something similar and you can check up with 'Nike' themselves.

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