Anyone know how I could get to play cricket for England?..I certainly cannot do any worse than present team?


What Are Legside and Offside?

go on a game on ps2 for e.g

Would Sreesanth have made a difference in the outcome for India?

yep u will get centuries

How can I watch WC live on my P.C freely?

Just turn up at the MCC. Mind you, you'll have to be crap to get on the team

Whos da Better Team South Africa or Newzealand?

I think anyone could play better than the present team


Nothing wrong with the england cricket team...

Just bad management and Flintoff is a dire captain.

Can BERMUDA beat BANGLADESH .to put INDIA in the super8?

ha,ha,ha,thats a good un,

Wich chanel wil telecast the cricket world cup in my PEHLA CARD?? .is it tensports , neo sports or fox sports?

strange brilliant last time just keep playing if you get good who nose one day

Should the bengal tiger retire?

You just need to have no fighting spirit and be able to collapse when you're needed to perform. swoosh.

Any Sri Lankans there...??

Looks like you simply have to go to JJB, buy the gear and get some company to sponsor you and you are in. you certainly don't have to have any bottle or cricket skills.

In how many world cup cricrickets has Saurav Ganguli participated?

Hire an open top bus and go on a tour of London making sure of course you have been up all night and are still well hammered.

Get the press to build you up as high as possible.

A wee back hander to Mr Fletcher.

Turn up at at the ground with you boots and when they throw the ball to you make sure to drop it.

You'll be a shoe-in.

Ireland first team through to the super 8s!! What chances are there of an England Ireland Game?

Sorry - I'm stumped. (Then again, so were England!).
*Stumped means "I don't know".

Name the Indian test players whose hands lost grip on their bats while batting in test cricket ?

Be unemployed. Go to the Job Centre and say you were good at playing cricket. Give yourself a different name like,
Flintwood Macstraus or Monty O'hermiston and you'll be on your way. Say you can Reid the game in but mostly out.

What are some cricket songs?

i shall prefer you to play as allrounder rather than having to see flintoff and company to be smashed everywhere

Did Vaughan have a big bet on SA?

As i have dual citizenship, i was thinking of presenting my 7 year old son to the English sellectors for the next Ashes.

Bloody hell! some one should shoot your sellectors and that Alistair Cook - what a bloody girl. Flintoff did every thing he could, but with only Peiterson and Hoggart they were doomed, the rest of the team played sh*thouse.even if you only have one leg and have only watched 1 series of test cricket you'd be eye candy to the English sellectors now, hell the Queen's corgy's would be better fieldsmen.

however, in Oz we have learned one great lesson "NEVER buy 5th day tickets, even 4th day is doubtful"

Can England win the ashes?

A more relevant question may be "Why would you want to play cricket for England"?

Little chance of success, living on old dreams and past glories. Are they still claiming the title of "second best team in the world"?

The first world cup cricket in 1975 who had highest personal innings?

Get a few mates, a bat and ball find a beach.if you're over 18.. a few tinnies (under 18.sorry forgotten) and just GO FOR IT!!!!!!

Mr gavasker is showing old world cup story, because this time our garte cirket team can not take cup, why old?

Don't be silly, England are still #2 in the world. If we fail to beat WI and India in the summer though, get the knives out!

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