Anybody can expect such type of performance from Indian team? What are the remedies for it?


Is Seghwag ok for world cup team?

Stop watching cricket and concentrate on studies

Inspite of losing to Sri Lanka , can India make it to Super-8, tell me how?

The List Is Greater Than Anyone Can Think. But The Most Blamed 2 Persons Are Sharad Powar And Greg Chapell. At The Same Time You Can Also Blame Rahul Dravid And Sachin Tendulkar If You See In The View Of Indian People Everyone Is Responsible.

Should dravid retire?

Practice!! Practice!!! Practice!!

Will Ravi shastri give India proudful moments?

think about retiring ..

I wanna see live cricket on internet?

1. remove non-cricketers from board of cricket control
2. replace the coach with an Indian professional
3. don't interfere with the handling of team by the captain

Solve 10 -10 =?

b more consistant

Who is a Sri Lankan fast bowler with light hair who took part in the Sri Lanka-India ODI recently?

v need dedicated cricketers.. not ppl who see cricket as a ground for their modeling careers.

also there is a lot of politics during selection of the team...i need not say any more on dat...

n all d hype bout cricket should also come off now atleast.. there are other sports too!!.all this attention just got into the heads of our team n they screwed everything up.

Who were the 20 cricketers who played for Australia during its world record 16-Test winning streak?

Just drop all players and build a brand new team from scratch. And stop doing hero worship and let them earn their fees based on performance, no guarantee money please.

Who is the odd man out and why ?

Indian cricket players are 10 years behind than other country. Its better to stop playing for couple of years. India will not lose its economy by not playing cricket.

Connect BCCI to ministry of sports and Cricket players should be payed as government employees. Variable pay concept can be implemented for better performance. Sponsors should pay money to the government for Cricket player commercial and money collected should be used for development of other sports and atheltic games.

By this way cricket players will concentrate on their jobs. Now, Indian players are not required to play well to earn money. Sponsors has payed enough money for next 4 generations. By making this, each cric. player will play for the country.

Tendulkar and Dhoni played really good shots in commercials and not in the pitch. Commercials paid more for them and they played. What will India pay for them, if they play in pitch?

Will Australia ever win another one day cricket match?

NO,because of bad pain

Name the top 10 wicket keepers in history of worldcup?

EVRYTHING has reached beyond discussion.Better they sit quite for some time till the scars are erased.They have played with a religion called cricket in India.The worst thing is more than on pitch they looked in the ads.EVERYTHING IS RIDICULOUS !

Should INZY retire?

All the present cricketers should retire. role of satta (bookies) in variable performance of Indian team should be investigated by CBI. All the players found guilty of matching fixing should be executed.
Then only the new team will improve.

Where can I buy cricket whites tailored for women?


History of ODI cricket?

The best thing is to fire all the oldies in the team cos there is no question of these guys giving retirement.Its more about the Ad's they are concerned than cricket.

Who is the best replacement for greg chapell?

they have also face the same thing and they are not having no hearts and they ae not indians and today onwards they are the theifs of our country.

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