5th Day of Final Test India Vs South Africa at Cape Town .Can India do it ?


In cricket, what does it mean to "dive straight towards the wicket"?


Who will win this time india or ber?


Can sri lanka do it again by winning the world cup?

No India will loose the match and series

Where can I get an Official Ireland World Cup Cricket shirt? I need help!!?

No way. Indian team is known to fumble at the finish line. There is no way that they will come anywhere near winning. They just don't apply themselves to the task. They have immense potentiality but lack the will to apply themselves to the task in front of them. Forget cricket and go watch a good movie

Why Indian cricket not have perfect all rounders?

I think match will draw

20-20 championship will be more fun dan this Cricket world cup 2007..more below?

While South Africa holds the advantage as they have full day at their disposal and have to score only 1bout 160 runs, since cricket is a game of uncertainties, nothing can be predicted about the result at this stage. First hour of play on the last day will be crucial for both the teams.

What is the fault of india by loosing by bangladesh? match fixing or or or or players fault or or or or coach?

Yes.if Harbhajan can be included ( because Munaff was out at 7th ball) and Chappell & Dravid shold be oustated ~ former is from team & later is from captaincy.

How to get indian.?

yes, i think they have talent to do it,
now it depends on them, how they utilise their skill today to beat south africa.
i mean if they would take like 3 early wickets in first season, without considing many runs, then they can see the chance of winning the match,
i will pray that india can win,

What is the highest opening patnership in cricket?

no, i don't think so.

Which player in this world cup doesn't have any prior ODI experience?

No ways- India always looses

Sachin and ganguli is it right time for them to retire?

yes india can do it.

Who is the only player in the world cup to have hit six sixes in an over?

india will win. but it will be a nail biting finish

What is rahul dravid's email id which he reads? Ofcourse what are the contact email ids of players/coach?

with the pitch almost going in favor of anil and may be sehwag, victory should not be a problem if they can get grame smith really really early...
lets see what happens.
and too, kallis and polluck are dangerous

Cricket- "Fix a Game"?

no way ,india will lose the series.

From where i can load pictures of brett lee?list the names of websites at least 5.?

Only big miracle can save India from defeat in this match. Or Kumble is the only person who can turn the match.

Who will win this world cup2007?


Who do you think will get the most wickets in the world cup cricket and how many they will get?

yes.. i think India can do it, with anil bowling well.

Who is the best player of West Indies?


Who will win cricket match between sri lanka and newzeland?

no no no we will lose or match draw we have waste players
we need dhoni and pathan now

IRELAND with an Upset?? GO Ireland GO!?

yes india will win.

Name the baller!!!!!!?

well maybe India will win..but there is more chance that South Africa will win..!!! because they are in a better position right now..!!

Is ganguly_dada@rediffmail.com saurav ganguly's email ID?

not at all..
captain is making absurd decisions..what else could we expect ??

only a MIRACLE can help india to win this match..

and we all know miracle doest happen everyday and esp when it comes to indian cricket team

Which radio station (both FM and am) will play live commentary of cricket world cup in dubai and Iran?

only rain must come and level the series.

Do you think the sport of cricket should be renamed "Aussie Rules"?

I think match will draw

Would australia have won the world cup if .. ?

just click here

Which free Chanel tel cast the cricket in uae?

My prediction is that we will lose the match and the series. SA will win by 5 wkts in 64.1 overs. Rain will also try and save India but even god's efforts will be futile. Lets see how accurate my prediction is.

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