Are McGrath and Warne the most feared bowling pair of all time?


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I'd say they're up there with Marshall/Holding, Ambrose/Walsh, Akram/Younis and Lillee/Thomson.

Edit: Maybe not feared as much in the sense of "I hope I'll come out of this with my head in one piece", but certainly feared as much in the sense of "I hope I'll come out of this with my batting average in one piece". You could count Larwood/Voce (bodyline) in the "head in one piece" category too.

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i think that Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis were the best pair.cos both of those never depend on the pitch.but shane and glenn always depend on the pitch.

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They are pretty close I must say.

but to me, marshall/holding, wasim/waqar, walsh/ambrose were the most fearsome... (In that order)

for that matter, you could also include our own chandrashekhar/prasanna/bedi/v...

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Not realy !!

(Wasim and waqar) , ( Walsh and Ambrose) , these were the most feared bowling pairs.

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Nah. Warne was a great bowler but no-one is "scared "of a might lose your wicket to him but you aren't going to get hurt by him!

I'd say it'd be either Lillee & Thompson or Holding & Marshall.

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marshall\holding the greatest.

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Warne and McGrath were certaintly a feared combination, but I would not say the most feared. The most feared I would say would have been Waqar Younis and Wasin Akram.

Both were exponents of reverse swing, especially Waqar, he was able to get late reverse swing at high pace, and was the master of the yorker. Wasim had a very quick arm action which made it harder for batsmen to pick him up, and he also generated great pace and reverse swing.

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I will not say they were the most feared. Effective, but not feared. I would have to give that to Marshall/Holding, and Courtney Walsh and Curtley Ambrose of the West Indies.

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