Are Australia that good or are England that bad?


Will aussies need 400+ to win games?

It is a disgrace that England are ranked No2 in the world, they suck.
In England a hat trick is someone who gets 3 runs in 3 balls.

Will India Win With Pakistan?

i think its a combination of both. australia have done GREAT and engalnd have done CRAP...but becuase australia have been so good england look even worse then what they really are.


How can I watch world cup cricket in France on the internet?

Yes, Aust is that good, but it seems that England need

some very good coaching,and a change in the way they

think might help too. They collapse too easily. But they need

their own people in England to support them more instead

of all the criticism.

Who is responsible for india's loss in cricket?

Either way, its the same. But why all of you are after the English team. They just need your support and encouragement to muster their (lost) confidence. Let them return home, relax and then see how they bounce back.

What do you know about criket?

Only 18 months ago, it was the other way round.

Fortunes change in sport, and maybe if England had a full strength team with no injuries they would have been able to put up a better fight.

Is DD1 Going to Broadcast This Years World Cup(Give Me Yes Or No)?

both the things

Do you think changing Cricket captain will change India's cricketing future?

It depends, while the 2004 ashes Australia lost and now we won cause it is just how there performance on different turf.

Can any budy tell me da friquecy for FOX SPORTS INTERNATIONAN channel in russia and on what satelite?

They lost the Ashes because Australia is very good, not because England is bad.

Why is Australia very good? Because they started being good, more or less by chance, and the better you are, the easier it is to get even better.

Will India or Srilanka lead group B in the ICC World Cup?

Both lol.

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