Actually what happened to Sri Lankan team in final?


Why has Gavaskar gone berserk ? Is he in good health ?

because australia is 80 times big country than sri lanka in land size..but sri lanka defeated india which is 50 times big in land size and 200 times big in my statements are contradictory..and having no meaning..there is no match fixing..but it doesnt mean sri lanka wins only if there is a match fixing..
all i know for sure ..they lost..because australians played awesome

Is it only endorsments that spoil a payer's performance?

Run-rate was too high to handle for the Lankans. All talk was about Murali & Vaas, but they couldn't do much in the finals.

Is it a bad choice to make Shohaib Malik the captain of Pakistan team??

Game plan of Sri Lanka was upset because they were not expecting Gilchrist to click in the final and the rain spoilt final became a truncated affair. If it had been a 50 overs match, we could have seen an even closer encounter.

Who's gonna win india vs sri lanka 23/3/07?

hi Rohitha, how gillcrisst balltempering...ha ha ..
that expains all.doesn't it?
thanks 4 the Qustion U raised.
most fans Wants to know the reason
yes it's too bad every possible disturbance Come in Sri lankan way.
And every thing goes australian way.
First, Putting a Squash Ball in a Batting Glove is illegal
by ICC laws.Infact any thing...But one Ausie did it.
So keep your mouth shut about it..!
that's why i say ,..This was a "Staged -drama" to award Australia the 2007 world Cup.
no body like to accuse gilchrist nor australia.
whem Cronje did this it was abig hue & cry.
when Asie does that everybody accept it.
too bad man, disguting.but now
some people start to say it was More .Like "WWF"- Wrestling Drama, everything went on according to the script.Whilst I am not that happy nesessarily, that Australia has won the World Cup.But I feel for Sri Lanka who never really had a decent chance to chase the Australian's total. A "Terrible end to a Disappointing" World Cup which has done nothing to advance the game.
I believe that Australia is fighting unit and would have not beaten Srilanka over 50 overs.But having the final reduced to 38 overs and then played in the dark was a Joke.

Instead Blame the ICC who seem to make up rules as they go along. Personally I would have liked to see the match moved to Sunday so that we could have a real game of cricket and not the joke that ensued.

"**AUS got WC 2007 , but SL played under pressure.When the Final was on the same time their Capital city was attacked by Terrorists.Rain took over the match.
Toss was the ridiculously deciding Facter.
Sri Lankan Players got the .....
"Terrorists Attacking Colombo"- news and Panicked ..
and that did not exactly helped to Lankan course to Victory
***Their(Cricketers) kids wives & parents all living in Colombo.honestly, how can they concentrate?
They dont know how far it affected ,towards > target & Bad light as well as Rain.
ICC must answer this question. I dont know these why ICC morons did not call this game to next day?
Utter non sense..!!
And even limit the final to 25 overs. ( In rainy day even kid knows dark will come soon in evening )
Begining ICC has to limit this game to 25 overs or call to next day.
But ICC & organizers want "Business" than the cricket game.
No doubt AUS is a good team.
So how SL or any other team can face "OZ" in bad lights?
This is the worst game I ever saw. Organisers had no common sense at all. they did according to the "Script" that Somehow or other "Australia must Win"
We were in no need of the victory so badly like Australia.
But we don't want like this stupid End either.

we did not bribe Umpires.we didnot Bragged either.
I again wish,Long live asian Cricket.
It can hurt ausies a bit ,i surely know.But ICC descrimination towards Asian players ? Can it be Pardened?
Dissapointing world cup Ever.2007
now every body jump to say dont blame
on these Noble Australians.
Oh phuleeeze .. gimme a break...!!..What a hypocracy,
what i can not understand is some Asian peolpe seems deaf & bling about this

when in Australia once Murali Was bowling The Racist australian crowd shouted that " no Ball"
Inthat match whenever Muralitharan took the Ball..
these so called Noble Australian Racist shouted
" no Ball"." NO ball"...
they chanted all the while.
anybody ,objected?
I dont think so...Sir..I dont think so...Sir

Have any stood up against it ?SOME Fans..EH?
some cricket loving fans...

but we lankans proud of
the Audatious Lankan cricketers.

I want all indian cricketers details?

Nothing...They were as great as they should be.Out of the two best teams one had to win and that was Australians day !Actualy srilankan bowlers could not control the runs flow in the beginning and that turned out to be a disaster for them...becuase they were playing agaisnt Australia and Australia is a kind of team who know what to do at what point..they play with planning !! Srilankans didn't lose to some average team..they lost the match proudly fighting against the best team of the world !! and they did their best !!so i would give credit to both the teams !!

Where can I see today's Cricket match on the net between India and Sri Lanka at Vishakapatnam?

Australia came out with a game plan of demoralising the Sri Lankan bowling, which clicked and Sri Lankan Bowlers could not contain the opening pair of Australia and they put up a huge total.Even the most reliable bowlers like Chaminda Vaas and Muralitharan failed miserably. Once Australia put up such a huge total, it was beyond the reach of Sri Lanka to chase and achieve it, though it looked like they will make a match of it when Jayasuriya and Kumar Sangakkara were batting. However, after their exit, Sri Lanka were virtually out of the game.

Soufthafrica defeated pakistani?

well after sri lanka beat australia in 96, australia played three teams in the finals, pakistan, india and sri lanka, in that order. They beat them all by large margins. Pakistan was like 120 all out, australia hit 359 runs against india and australia got 269 in 38 overs against sri lanka. I just think there is a big gap between australia and all the other teams. And australia plays well when it matters. The only team that really stopped australia when they played well was when SA chased 436 and beat them to win the series. If thats what it takes for a team to beat australia then the chances for any team to beat australia is slim.

Whom did australia defeated in 1999 cricket word cup?

They lost.

Who will win?

WOW SMARMY you got a bad case of the green eyed monster,don't get ya sheets in a twist mate. Next you will say the Aussies were farting to put the lankans off their game. sri lanka just didn't perform well on that particular day but showed more sportsmanship then their fans did.

Be a man and take the loss graciously

Where can i watch live cricket on the net?

Then choked!

So to those Sri Lankan supporters like Roshni, you have my respects and glad you acknowledged the fact of the matter that the better team won.

To all those exhibiting sour grapes and trying to present specious reasons for the failure of your team.
Never have I witnessed a worse lot of sore losers!


Besides M.L.Jaisimha ,who is the other Indian Player to have batted on all five days of a Test Match?

nothing they played good

What is bangladesh's chances of winning the next world cup?

Bad luck ,Bad umpiring,Bad weather,and the bio us ICC.These are the few things happened to the Lions in the final.

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