2007 working days?

how many working days are there in 2007


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Depends on who you work for. If you work for my boss there are 261. If you work for a government agency there are more like 200. If you are a Senator or Congressman it is somewhere around a couple dozen.

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way to many!

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252 working days, that's if you work at the company i work at though we get certain holidays of and a week for Christmas.

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Well depends on what kind of shift people work. For me I have two jobs so the question is how many days off in 2007. And of course for alot of very motivated people that mooch and suck-off our welfare and government programs to the hilt, I am sure they can count them hard working days on one hand!

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well that all depends on the calculations used

are you calculating a working day as 8 hours?
what about people that work 12 hours? is that like a day and a half?
how about people that work so many days on and so many days off or work split shifts?
what about workaholics or small business owners or single parents ?
they must work more than the normal..wouldn't you think?

their are 52 weeks in a year with a probable 2 days off a week which makes 104 days off from the 365 days a year which leaves 261 working days..
but for most people I highly doubt they get that many days off a year

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hey i will make a fund raise to buy a calander for YOU.. so YOU can check on it.. my buddy

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