Who understands D/L method?

Question:Who understands D/L method?


Will the Ten sports channel telecast the cricket worlcup2007 in March?

i understand only if india wins with dat rule..

How yo change sachin in 4th down?

Here is all you need to know


How to get indian.?

The only answer is above me.

Those limeys are getting rowdy. What do they want? Blood?

Join the club dude, I have the same problem. All I know is that they calculate a percentage using the number of overs gone, the runs scored, previous records and the wickets in hand, and that this method doesn't seem fair to me in most matches.

I think that all cricket grounds should have the facility of being covered, whenever there's rain, because bad weather is continiously spoiling the game [as the D/L method is applied]

Why in India there will be always sight-screen problem?

match referee

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