And you dare?

Question:... call yourselves sports fans..?


Breaking NEWS!! ICC's new decision concerning Pakistan & India!?

Thats sheer madness.

What will be your important tips for "Team India" for winning the World Cup-2007?

yes, I dare

Why our indian team beat in finel cricket match?

Thanks for the site and two points.

Whom did India beat to win the Hero Cup in 1993?

$**pid !ndia*$

Does india makes 11 centuries in the tournament that avails the indian team to clinche the cup?

They are diehard fans who get carried away by disappointment,

Odi,vizag,17 feb--authorities wanted ticket and passholders occupy seats 2 hours before start.Is it right?

I'm getting out the razorblades and drawing the bath as I type. I feel I must die for my team.
Wouldn't it be a bit odd (and do you think I'd make the news) if someone died for a tennis player? Doesn't quite have the same effect, does it?

A question to all cricket fans, geniuses ( or any body who knows that there is a game called cricket)?

okay...Indians have gone way too far this time. I mean its ok to do stuff like not watch cricket but killing yourself!!!!

Does india cricket team needs sympathy at this time or serious criticism?

I am not a "BAD" sports fan.

Who is the hard hitter of cricket ball in india other than dhoni?

Goodness !

I have no answer to this unfortunately !

Why do you think Cricket never caught on here in America?

It was sheer madness as lunatics only can only do such things.

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