Any humorous cricket anecdotes?

I have a speech to write and need help! Thanks!!


I think its better BCCI to send a Aamir Khan and his Lagaan team for this World Cup.What do you think?

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Which two man was man of the match in world cup from bangladesh?

anecdotes means happenings??
if it is that i can tell you one thing.
one new zealand player lost his pants when he dived to field!!

Even though Kiwis Beat Aussies in three consecutive occasions, I didn't consider tread for trophy.?

What did the spectator miss when he went to the toilet?
The entire Indian Innings.

Where do Indian batsmen perform there best?
In Advertisements.

When would Agarkar have 100 runs against his name?
When he is bowling.

What is the most proficient form of footwork displayed by Indian batsmen?
The walk back to the pavilion.

How to increase the chances of Indian batsmen playing out the entire 50
Try giving them two innings to begin with, then try three and so on.

What is the Indian version of a hat-trick?
3 runs in 3 balls

What is the height of optimism ?
Sehwag coming out to bat applying sunscreen on his face.

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Phone Call for Sehwag:
Indian Team Manager : "Hello"(over Phone)
Wife :"Can I talk to Sehwag, this is his wife."
Indian Team Manager:"Sorry, he is just going to bat"
Wife:"No Problem Manager, I will Hold on"

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The Judge (J.) asks the little girl (LG):
Now that your parents are getting divorced do you want to live with your
LG - No, my mummy beats me.
J. - Well then, I guess you want to live with your daddy.
LG - No, my daddy beats me too.
J. - Well then, who do you want to live with?
LG - I want to live with the Indian Cricket team, they never beat anybody

Who will win the Cricket World Cup that is starting tomorrow?

Please check the following link, which lists Cricket Humour Jokes, Ancedotes, Poetry etc.

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