After seeing the game between bagladesh and srilanka then india can beat srilanka in their upcoming match?

india have to beat srilanka otherwise they will out from the world cup


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Its tough to say. Cause all the Sri Lankan batsmen are in superb form now as they proved it in the matches against Barmuda and Bangladesh (BD's same bowling attack crushed India in 191). Besides there is a rule in the Super eight section in WC that you'll get some points if the opponent from your group qualify for 2nd round after being defeated to you. Sometimes these points could be highly important. If Sri Lanka lose to India, they'll not be able to get these points. But if they defeat India then Bangladesh will qualify for super eight with Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka will get the points in super eight because they defeated Bangladesh before.
From this point of view, Sri Lanka wont take this match lightly. Besides this is a match of life and death for India,coz their fans will kill them if they lose. So I think, ITS GOING TO BE THE MOST EXCITING MATCH IN THIS WORLD CUP.

Now, the question is, who will win? Well, In Sri Lanka's bowling attack they've got three amazing bowlers: Murali, Vaas and Malinga. I don't think India's batting lineup is that much stable in front of a world class bowling attack. Bangladesh's bowling was almost world class against India (but not aginst Sri Lanka). Moreover, India's bowling side is very poor (except Kumble) which will have to face "the Hurricane" Jayasuriya.

Scores would be like this:
Sri Lanka 320 for 6 (50)
India 240 all out (48)

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All of us are waiting for that exciting match..As per my view mostly India has chances to win, as they had some practice matches this year with Srilanka!! But the score margin will be very much low!

Which country scored most runs in oneday cricket world cup from 1975 world cup to 2003 world cup?

hey mujahed yaar pray 4 india that they beat srilanka yaar i think u r indian so think positve and remain positive. i think that india will beat srilankaa by big difference if they play for whole country than they must


Everyone has returned to form in indian team,and also its a do or die situation for india ,so there is possibility that india wins,but the match wd b interesting.

Cmon plp..Australia already won 3 world cups and its enough.wen need to go with NZ and den SAF.

Bangladesh and Srilanka paly as one unit. but team india lacks the team spirit and lack of commitment and unity.
captian is as good as his team some players are not supporting captian why u blame captain?? It is individual player to decide to support captain and team or self or group within team. It is some ex cricketer l are criticising dravid\'s captaincy and praising ganguly had done good job Ind lost to banglades b\'cuz of poor scoring, and ganguly slower innings played a big part in defeat. he wasted more balls than runs he scored. his poor fielding, poor running beteen wkt,unwi It team wins all players come to take credidt. and if it loose looses nobody comes forward. TV channels, newspapers and ex cricketer who criticise cpatian.but his support to sewag was valued one. Ganguly is selfish, played to save his wkt,struggled thorught both innings and unable find gaps.ganguly Wasted 50% balls he faced, and unwilling to take singles, rotate strike,and creating pressurer on batsman on other side, slow runrate, poor running between wkt, etc his defensive attitude did not help team by scoring highest nos runs me made sure nobody will tak his name but the negative cricket he is playing for self, is not helping team Ganguly is l bent to sabotage Indian campaign in World cup.

India Scored 191 in 50 overs
Ganguly Scored 66 runs in 21 overs wasted more balls than runs he scored.,
Yuvraj Scored 47 runs in 10 overs
Rest of team scored 50 in 19 overs
Against burmada he scored 89 in 114 balls wasted 25 balls that is around 4.6 runs per over... compare it to the indian teams average of 8.26 Ganguly was struggling while batting against burmuda, and got 3 lifes and unable to find gaps, ( one meaiden over b’cuz of ganguly).
Ganguly is playing self, negative cricket and not helping team cuase tried to save his wkt playing as if it is test and scored runs for himself.
sewag's 100 helped the team to build a big total agianst bermuda, and win the match with good runrate Ganguly played a big role in defeat against bangladesh. Three is lot of politics in team after ganguly's return.ganguly scored some runs so that nobody can point at him but media is always unfair to dravid captain and batsman
Winning or defeat in matches depends on performance of XI players. Irrespective of captain, coach, pitch, stretagy and conditions. Bangladesh victory against India is best example.

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World Cub Champion 2007 is India

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Indian supporters has to say 'Yes' and hope the best.

Can some one tell me about the rules of cricket?

yes India will surely win the match .we all praying for them and also they r doing a great job.don't loose hope because last time in world cup india started as same as this time but reach to finals.

Where can i watch 2007 cricket world cup live?

India cannot beat Sri Lanka, but there is a chance that they go in to super 8.

What do you think??Bob walmer(paki cricket coach) died because pakistan lost against ireland?

Nothing is impossible. If Team India will play like a team not making a individual records. At the current status do doubt srilanka is better than india, but indian have capacity to win a match from srilanka

How do you feel about Sri Lankans Victory?

100% Yes

Batting------------ 9-------------------- 7
Bowling----------- 5-------------------- 9
Captaincy-------- 7-------------------- 7
Conditions------- 8-------------------- 7
Fielding----------- 6-------------------- 6
Desire------------10----------... 8
Total-------------- 45------------------ 44

Who is the best wicketkeeping batsman.dhoni,gilchrist,boucher,sankagara,mccullum,akmal,?

I think,Indian team was under estimate The Bangladesh team,that's why it was happened. Now they are playing against Srilanka,they must fight to stay here, they must win,we hope so.

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in last 8 matches between India and shrilanka . India won 6 matches.. keep faith on our team ... we will definitely win this match...

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I believe a couple of initial upsets are required in Srilankas batting line up to be followed by some tidy middle overs. For this I find new ball shall be shared by Saheer & Sreesanth followed by Munaf Kumble & Harbajan. (Eventhough 7 or 8 batsmen are there, it never work for India, so they can drop one batsman Sehwag / Uthappa or both & include Karthik)

Since this is a do or die match india has to keep Dhoni ahead in the order even in opening position.

Can BERMUDA beat BANGLADESH .to put INDIA in the super8?

India definitely have the potential. But Sri Lanka are in tremendous form. It'll be extremely tough.

WhY NEHRA is not playing?

yes for sure and seeing like they played against bermuda i am sure they will win even though it was not good team but i am optimistic this time.

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IF Jayasuriya and Tharanga don't get of to a flying start then India can win

Where will the cricket world cup 2011 be held in india?

this match will be a fight between an elephant and mouse.who do u think will win the match

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