(cricket world cup in jamaica) did u hear about the pakistan player who died today in jamaica?

was told he killed himself because he di not winn and the people of pakistan said they were gonn awipe out his family when he returned


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today? you might have heard some roumer becuase till yet there is no such news regarding a player..yes Pakistan coach died two days back.his death is suspicious and autopsy and other investigation would confirm whether it is murder, suicide or natural. ther is no such thing that Pakistanis would wipe out his family or family of any of the players....if they wanted so, they would ahve done it till now . Infact People in Pakistan are shocked at his sudden death of the coach and now there is not much talks about cricket they have forgotton it completely !!

See ! when ther is death in such a higlighted place where the maga event of World cup is going on and the person belonged to cricket then media exploit it for their publicity and thats wht you can see...things are being changed just becuase of the false and idiotic way of handling by media !

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I guess that is a rumour.

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Not a player honey. He was the Coach of Pakistan team. and yes there's a controversy about the death.

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it was not a pakistan player who died but it was pakistans coach bob woolmer who is an englishman who died and the jamaican police had said the death is suspicious.

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Bob Woolmer was the coach of Pakistani Team not a player. He was an Englishman based in South Africa now a days. He was found dead in his hotel room. Investigations are underway and no final report has come up yet. He was not being threatened of any sort of family misconduct coz his family is not in Pakistan.

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It was the Head Coach who died, the autopsy was inconclusive, as such there are alot of speculation surrounding his death.

I gather that there are trying to get a pathologist from the US to do a second autopsy.

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