A Tribute to Inzimam-ul-Haq, The Ex-Pakistan Captain!?

Inzimam-ul-Haq, the great, played his last match yesterday in Jamica! He is the 2nd largest score maker in the One-Day-Cricket Histroy. Express your opinion about his career!


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He may be an agressive fighter and a tough competitor on the field but off the field he s a really sweet person.I ve met him during a match and he dint hesitate to give me his autograph even though he was in a hurry.

He s a superb batsman and its really upsetting that we wont see him bat again in the shorter version of the game.
Hope things get better for him soon


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All the best for his future. Hope the Pakistani team will be able to cope up with it.

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he is a very inteligent$handsome captain in the pakistan cricket team

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With due respects to Inzi he should have retired from one day cricket before this world cup and Mohammad Yousaf too. They are two very fine test players but in my humble opnion they are wasted in one day cricket. Wishing both of them especially Inzamam ul Haq all the best in their life's and their careers.
INZI you have my deepest regards and respect !

Which team will play Sri Lanka &?

end of great career

Couldnt believe my eyes!: world cup final?

He was such an accomplished n great player that he doesnt need words of praise.
BUt we wished a better exit for him.
Anyways all tha salute to him for such an outstanding career he had.
his will remain a fonding memmory.

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Yes. Inzy Bhai is one of my favourite cricketers. It was sad that he had to retire in such dissapointing circumstances. But he has a glorious career behind him and people will remember him for that. He was not only a good cricketer, but also a great person, for he was soft spoken, honest, selfless and down to earth. He is a legend and has made his place in the hearts of millions of people. I wish him and his family a happy and prosperous life.

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Simply an awesome player !! i have no words to explain his great work for Pakistan.he was a match winning player...if Pakistan is holding a credit of winning One world cup, that is all becuase of Inzamam...if he had not performed in semi final and then final, Pakistan would not have won that cup.though he was out of form from last 2-3 years..but still he performed great as a great leader for the team. his ratio of winning the matches as a captain is almost double of that of losing ..so he stands in the 'best captain' list !! he proved to be a strong man and always played his role whenever needed...he kept the team united for a long and did managed to retain his post as captain for a good period which is a good record in Pakistan ! a very humble man and all the team player adored him which was very clear from hearing the news of his retirement.they were crying for him ! i m sad that he ended up in bad pace.... he is the man who deserves the glorious retirement like Imran khan but unfortunately he could not ! All about luck !! I wish him all the luck in future and m hopeful that he would keep in touch with cricket somehow.infact we are used to with watching him in team !! All the best to him !

Thanx for this question ! you have provided me a place to speak something for the great inzi !

Will england beat australia in the super eight i am hoping for a surprise?


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we miss u Inzi...

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