Any chance is there for Ausies to win Cricket world cup?

Srilanka and Newzealn team are playing reaaly good and enthusiastic , so i guess they will get the CUP,,


Need to watch the Sri Lanka vs NZ match today on net...I am based in China and hv no access to live coverage..

75% chances for Australia to win this world cup, as they win against South Africa the second biggest contender for world cup 2007.

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Yes Aussies has definitely a chance to win this WC, But ofcourse after a tough fight agaisnt South Africa, newZealand and yes srilanka too !!So no one can predict who would win actualy !! all of these teams are the deserving ones !

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90 percent chance to win

What Is Cricket?

Since cricket is a game of uncertainties, nothing can be predicted for sure as to which team will win the world cup.

Australia, Sri Lanka, New Zeland and West Indies have advantage of 2 points each which they have carried forward from Group stage. The final outcome will depend upon which team plays to their potential during the super 8 stage.

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there is a good chance. im a bangladesh fan and i want them to win but i know its very unlikely. the aussies did beat south africa so they def can go far. i would watch out though for sri lanka. they can play.

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YEs there changes are better now that they have beaten SA>>>
and so taking the 2 points into the super 8.
Ill give them a 70% change.

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Actually you question is wrong. It should be:-

" Is there any slightest chance of Australia not winning the cricket world cup ? "

Who are the 3 players from 3 "minnow" countries who brought COLOUR to world cup?

Get ready to watch the Finals on the 28 th of March agaist Sri Lanka & Australia.

chear your sister country Sri Lanka & joy the glory of the win.

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they r going to win

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Hey during the league matches i used they were awesome specially there support i mailed them 3

times and got answers within 30 mins intially there picture quality was pathetic but now what i saw in last 5 games was

truely appreciatable hope they continue the good work hats off to the quality and support.

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