(cricket)-What's gonna happen when South African Lions meet Sri Lankan Lions in Gayana woods?

Question:South Africans were shreded last time in Sri Lankan woods...
then this time around Lankans have upper hand?
who's winning?
Give us reasonning ...


India has won the ODI series against Bangladesh.But...?

what ever the result both lions going to fight till the end. It is areally tight game.they both qualify for the Semis.
It is the most exciting match of the tournament.

Should india stop playing international cricket for 2 years.?

Though there is no certainity in cricket, yet with the perfomance of South Africa, the chance of winning are more in comparison of Sri Lanka

Where can i watch cricket in Orange county, california?

Srilankans led by Murali with their spin attack and Shaun pollock and team with their Fast bowling attack will meet today. The result of the game will depend on the pitch, which bowling combination will it suit. So we will wait till we have a look at the pitch.


Are Australia that good or are England that bad?

Both teams are strong and capable of beating eath other. Since South Africa have a score to settle with Sri Lanka, and as they are 2 points behind Sri Lanka, they will go all out to win the match. However, the ultimate result will depend upon which team performs to their potential on the given day.

How to calculate the Net Run Rate ?

saf lions will kick the srilankan lions from there groove

Where I can watch live match between India and Bangladesh on Internet?

sri lanka

What ails Indian Cricket today?

They will "mate".. hah aha

on a serious note... my money is on the Srilankan side... cuz they have been perfoming stronger as a unit than the SA side.

In cricket how do they work out Net Run Rate ?

sri lanka wins

How many overs are there in an innings?

This time it will be South Africa. They are a better team. Sri Lanka are also good team but it's only seldom that each team member there plays with team spirit. In SA team spirit is better that that in SL.

Who is the best bowler in pakistan cricket team?shoaib akhtar or mohammed asif.?

Of course south africa

Is doordarshan showing the India WI ODI Series live beginning 21 Jan?

their is one answer only that south africans lions are dangerous to srilankans lions.

How many of u like one day internationals?

kangaroo is in kangaroo to win cup

Is it just me or is Fred Flintoff a tool?

lankans will lose .

Is it curtains for Men in Blue at WC2007 in WI?

An interesting match but although Sri Lanka have a good stong team they will loose the match because South Africa is better than Sri Lanka. South Africa have good bowlers like Ntini and Pollock, fielders like Ab De Wialliars and Boucher and batsmen like Smith, Gibbs, Kallis, Boucher , etc

Who was born in England of West Indian parents and plays cricket for Australia?

South Africa

Which nation will win Cricket World Cup 2007?


Where do I get the details about various leg guards used in cricket?

Sri Lanka....all the way -everyones favourites.

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