"Sachin is no more the old one","Rahul Dravid is bad captain", and "If India can ever win the WC"--Comment.



Which player has made the maximum number of appearances in the world cup?

I agree they all stink !
Disgusting performance rather ! :-(

News Flash - Sachin announcing his retirement today ?

they may with some new boys like sreesanth.and a good coach like mohinder amarnath or even sandeep patil..

Does anyone know where I can find out the start times for games during the Cricket World Cup?

I can not even dream about it. When can India have 3 batting legends at once, who have made 35000 odi runs, when can India have blasting sehawag, dhoni and yubraj playing together, it is more than shameful to the Indian cricket to see this situation.

India loses to Bangladesh?

We have to wait. Sachin and Rahul can come back with good performance but it is also true that we need to give chance to young one who has will to win. These old players lost desire to win.

Was this the last cricket world cup of sachin?

Rahul Dravid is not bad but look at the score board he is the only one who score 60 runs and what happen to master blaster and Dohni,Uthapa,and i would say they should take Danash Karthic for opners.

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