Whose responsible for India defeat ?


Who is under presure now?

Indira Gandhi, because she has created Bangladesh.

How can you watch live cricket for free?


Where can i watch free cricket world cup?

our indian players which are busy these days in money earning.

What channel will broadcast Sri Lanka and Bangladesh Cricket match on 21st March?

ICB and players.spartan

Why we cheer up Indian cricket team when they play with our emotion by fixing the matches and earn Money?

only INDIAN TEAM nobody else.

What are England's chances of winning the forthcoming series against the West Indies?

The Captain and the players r to be blamed for India's defeat. I dont think the coach or anyone else can be made responsible for this. To some extent the selectors can also be blamed.

Do you think team India's new attire will be lucky enough to win the World Cup 2007?

Yes I agree Indira Gandhi as she created Bangladesh & also Bookies who paid our favourite Cricketers huge sums to loose that match!!

India has a good chance to win against SL?

TEAM INDIA themselves..they did nt play with the intention of winning...they are only interested in making money by acting in adds...etc..they dont even have the feeling of patriotism in them.

From where i can load pictures of brett lee?list the names of websites at least 5.?

It would be unbiased to take a particular name.cricket is one in which the whole team should contribute, even the coach.But still i feel that Greg Chappel's mistake has made India(the talented team)lose.But again everyone needs to take care of their play!

Can u say that simon tauffel deserves to be the no 1 umpire??And howbt RUDI?APPALING DECISIONS?

sachin, dhoni

What is the latest score in detail of the 3rd cricket test between India & South Africa?

Our players have taken inspiration from some of their Scottish counterparts. So chew...

Who can i see live cricket worldcup matches?

we all bcoz we only promote cricket so much and crickters also

What did you think of?

media and BCCI is responsible for the defeat of india...Becasue of the media over pressure was creatd on the plyers and because of this naturally they let our hopes down........ also advertisements.....BCCI is responsible because of thier selection and wrong selection of coach.......

Wt d u hav to say abt gibbs' 36 of 6 balls n shatterin of records..?

We can't hold any individual responsible for the defeat, it has to be collectively taken by The Indian Fans, The BCCI, The Team and The Coach in the order of their responsibilities.

The Indian Fans: for expecting too much from nothing
The BCCI: for wearing Dark glasses and making a selection in the dark room
The Team: for not believing in themselves and failing to rise to the occassion
The Coach: Who failed to motivate the team which was already sinking in its confidence

Why are there dots near the pitch of a Cricket field?

defenetly BCCI selection committee

I think the media influence the cricket greatly... i think it should be put off?? what's your views?

the pressure of performing best in big situations

What happens to a first round world cup cricket match if it cant be held due to bad weather conditions?

Rajiv Gandhi is responsible because it was she who created bangladesh

Which Australian cricketer introduced the slide when fielding a cricket ball?

the india -bangladesh match wasn't fixed.i think sharad pawar is responsible n to some extend greg n rahul dravid.

Who is worst sehwag or dravid?

No any single to be blame. Who did good so that we can blame one or two? Eventhough if I have to take names, Sachin, Dravid, Dhoni and Bhajji are the major. Sehawag to pahale se hi eisa hi to tha.

What do you think of former Pakistani spinner, Saqlain Mushtaq playing for England?

The Advertising Agencies. They created the impression that the players are Super-Humans. The people believed everything and started worshiping them as Gods.
It is indeed a bitter pill to swallow but a good lesson has been learnt by everyone.

Which country will win cricket world cup 2007?

The entire BCCI is responsible for india's defeat. The method of selection is very wrong amd partial. Our players have become so sluggish that they make runs in single digits only. Sachin should be removed from the team not considering his past.

What if an AFL football goes flat , during the game.?

Who is responsible for India's Defeat ?
The Indian Team (Each and Everyone of them) !

;-) And I totally agree with the gentleman who answered first with "INDRA GANDHI" (No offence meant) ! That was funny ! Thumbs up Fella !

Which Indian player took 16 wickets in a Test match on his debut?

No one except the public who watch this game so seriously and think India should win whereas the players are not interested.
Its the team work and here the players are busy in shooting etc and they themselves are not bothered to win, then why public.

What is the music used for the cricket?

the Indian team is responsible for the defeat because they are the biggest losers of all time. Sachin sucked big time.

Tell the name of a cricketer by the help of following hints 1.Lankashayer 2.fredy 3 july1998. 4. 6decem1977?

all indian team is responsible

What do you think about Woolmer's death? is it a murder? if yes, whom do you suspect?


Is Ricky Ponting the best batsmen since Bradman?? If not who is??

the whole team

When does i would get the job and when this saade sathi on me will be over?

sehwag,sachin,dhoni,agarkar, harbajan singh

What is ur views on captaincy of SOURABH GANGULY?

nobody but the team itself they were the ones who went out there and performed horribly all credit to Bangladesh if the Indians were focused on playing good cricket in the spirit of cricket then winning would come naturally but they r obsessed with winning so it is their fault they have to be hiding from the Indian cricket fans who r horrible too

Which cricketer who cross more centuries in less matches?

Check Out http://www.tvboxasia.com

Who was "the man of the match" of the match played yesterday between south africa & australia?

1 Team management.
2 Coach.
3 Captain.
4 Indian Team excluding Captain because Captain is independently placed above.

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