Are all members of the Irish cricket team, Aussie expats?


Should INDIAN team play sachin & sewag as opener instead of Ganguly?

Lol, yeah I watched an interview with some of the Irish boys the other day and a few were speaking with an Aussie accent! I would say the Aussie expats are in the minority but!

How can i see the live Cricket video in the web?

I don't think so :)

What is succes?


Comment on Sri lankan keeper sangakkara!?

im not really sure abt all dat
but i love langford smith's dance
dey must b given the best gesture award

Who is hotter? Dhoni or Irfan Pathan.Why?


"i wont take up any advertisement for the next one year". Why hasn't any of the cricketers said this?

I believe I heard that 3 were ex pat Aussies, one of whom was a fringe player for one of the state sides(think NSW). There is also an ex pat South African. So good luck to the Irish I hope they continue to improve and win some more matches in the next World Cup!

Who will win the match today between india and srilanka?

Not at all.

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