Any interesting news,scandal,information about Sachin Tendulkar?


Why india lost the world cup?

sachin is doing practice with a heavy bat

Kon rahega is world cup me best batsman SORAV,SACHIN,DRAVID?

not that i know of.

Who is the most outstanding allrounder of this world cup.?

well he started training back and he is allright now but y he is not in the present suqd of comeing team

Do you like Shane Bond?

sachin loves the music of lata mangeshkar
the bat sachin uses weight around 2 kg
sachin also love to play tennis
very few people know that in child hood day sachin was having the habit of walking in sleep
have fun!!!

Which two umpires u want in the cricket world cup final?

he take money to loose matches..

if this u wanted to hear..sorry..i dont know anything about it..
if u want to watch online cricket for need ot video goto

Are Wasem Akram is new Coach of Pakistan cricket Team?

as far is sachin is concerned, he in panic.

Wow! Bangladesh has beaten SA! SA scored less runs than India! Does this bring any consolation to our players?

Sachin used to practise in his child hood days with a wooden block that is used on those days for washing clothes. It was given to him by his Grandmother. And Sachin still has that wooden thing as a remembrance.

On which day and which date the World cup cricket is going to start.?

What are you going to achieve by knowing scandals about Sachin Tendulkar, are you a sadist? Whay don't you leave the poor guy alone for sometime?

Don't you think some Indian batsmen get out purposely?

he recently injured his ankle but came to practice next day
he helped a groundsmen in kolkata who was hit by a player's throw while practice and provided him aid
he also gave some batting tips to Sourav Ganguly
he also attended abhi-ash wedding and on that night only he was dropped from team!
what a pity condition?

If india,pakistan,bangladesh unite,then what will be the cricket team like?

Match fixing , ball tampering( caught red handed by Mike Deness ), communalism & sledging by proxy.

Do you support the BCCI's decision to put heavy restrictions on cricketers?

he jus broke his ankle during the conditioning camp

What is overs,innings,balls?

The interesting news is that Sachin Tendulkar is a loser and greedy person. The less the spoken about him the better.

Where can i watch live cricket matches for free?

he is gona become spiderman in 2 years.

How will india win world cup because they did not beat bangladesh?

He has not been selected for Bangladesh tour by the selectors due to his poor form but they say that he is rested which is not true...he is out of the one day tour bcaz of his bad performance...

Who is great batsmen?

cricketer.Great Bats man who is going trough a lean patch.

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  • Kon rahega is world cup me best batsman SORAV,SACHIN,DRAVID?

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