How do i get rid of these crickets in my basement?


Who will hold ICC cricket world cup trophy after the final match?

Flood the basement and stock it with largemouth bass. They love crickets.

Who has scored the most runs in cricket world cup?

Fill it with water and add pirhana to eat them.

Then stay out of the basement.

Do you think Geo TV's allegation that stress caused by Inzamam led to Bob Wolmer's death is correct?

You call a pest controller! Or get a pest repeller! I can sell you one!

Who will win this year cricket world cup 2007?

pest control?

SL vs India -webcast?

Serve them with an eviction notice. That'll fix their chirpy little wagons!

Highest test career batting average is?

aww dont there good luck. Why would you kill them it sounds peacefull when cricktes are cherping.

Who understands D/L method?


How can i watch the world cup cricket 07?

Recommended products and treatments for crickets are DEMON WP or SUSPEND

Spray the Demon WP or Suspend on all entry points, doors, windows, plumbing under the sinks, washer and dryer connections, baseboards and garage and basement areas. ..along the baseboards.
Both of these products are odorless and last 3 months...considered a long term residual insecticide.

If you don't want to use a residual insecticide, and excellent alternative would be a very effective bait called INTICE BAIT GRANULARS for use inside and outside in non-food areas, in particular crawl spaces, basements, garages, or the perimeter of the home.

Mole cricket nymphs are wingless but look like small adults. The nymphs can become very numerous and cause great damage to your grass during the warm summer months. Control methods aimed at eliminating mole cricket nymphs yield the best results, simply because they easier to kill than adults.
Treatments for mole crickets usually include a thorough treatment of the infested area with a residual insecticide such as Talstar Liquid or Talstar Granulars Mole crickets treatment should be timed to kill immatures (nymphs) which do the most damage to turf grasses.
In the Southern coastal states treat with Talstar during the latter end of April or beginning of May.

In the Carolina coastal area toward the end of May is a good time for Talstar Insecticide application.

It would be more advantageous to treat the immature stages rather than the adult stages. You will want to treat the younger mole crickets stages that do the damage to the turf.

Any comments on the Afridi Possibly Being Banned for 8 ODIs or 4 Tests?

You have to fumigate...those critters will stick around forever unless you fumigate

After beated by bangladesh is their is any guarantee that india will beat bermuda?


What pakis r doing???/?

burn em

What was the attendance to the world cup final held in Barbados?

Get pest control treatment done.

Do you know Mohsin Khan the ex captain of the Pakistan cricket team?

y ppl ask ques in da wrong section 8-|

Which city has hosted the most super bowls?

if u are telling of the insects.use pesticide to kill them.
if u are talking about cricketers take thier autographs

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