1999-Pakistan,2003-India, 2007-SriLanka.Aussies have conquered ASIA?

Whom they will beat or lose to in 2011?


I am in uk an how i can watch todays match of india with westendies live online?

Your additional details are encouraging !infact asians should be give this much credit that they are fighting the best team since 96 and did manage to defeat them once in 96..! but since 92, or even back, Asian are constantly qualifying for the final.and thats a positive thing...but yes failure rate is more than success !!but still, they are sharing the history of Most of the recent finals..and that is ofcourse a better deal !

Where can i watch the 20007 cricket world cup online?


Is Dhoni is best player in the team?

They will beat Bangladesh!

Is this the best team to win WC for india??


For All NEWBIES to the sport of CRICKET?

Asian tigers Bangladesh are still to go. Bangladesh qualified upto super 8 this WC. Next time WC will be held in sub-continent in their known condition. So they will play the final against Aussies. And serially its now Bangladesh's turn to qualify for the final on 2011.
On 2011, Bangladesh's current young players will be highly experienced and tested while Australian oldies Gilchrist, Hayden, Symonds, Lee, Ponting won't be there. So tigers will have a great feast with kangaroo.

Hi dear ! India won the seris & ganguly is the best player ! What is your coment please ?

they will not enter finals next time!!!!

Why India is touring Bangladesh & Ireland instead of Australia or South Africa ?

Yes, you are right. the important countries of Asia in Cricket has lost to Kangaroo.

How soon will cricket become a common sport in Americas & Europe ?

naah....they are a pretty good team and all that, but that was just three world cups, they have NOT conquered Asia....

it would be cool if the Aussies lose to Bangladesh next time!!

Will Set Max USA (from Dish Network) show the ICC cricket world cup or would I need to buy cricket package?

For the record books it is that Australia have defeated India Pakistan and now Sri Lanka. But as long as this has not happened in the sub-continent, it cannot be said that Aussies have conquered Asia. The two times the WC was held in the sub-continent, first they had a sneaky win over England and the second Sri Lanka beat them. So Aussies will definitely meet their waterloo in the WC in the sub-continent in 2011. Who will be their nemesis cannot be predicted now. It could be any one of the sub-continental team including Bangladesh.

Responsibility of captaincy will now be given in the hands of yuvraj, Is he capable 2 handle the team or not ?

south africa will get em next time, actually aus will be out 1st round :D

India's performance aginst Srilanka.?

Mr. Karikala,
1991 pakistan
1996 Sri Lanka
2003 India
2007 SriLanka
2011 any asian team including rising Tigers Bangla
yester day match was marred by bad umpiring

Most ocations australia supported by


Soooo UR question.. how can they conquor
"Astounding-Asia".. until they meet Bangla?
(by the way
I am not a Bangladeshi)

What is the best kookaburra bat and what is the best mrf bat.?


Which player is Tiger pataudi's only wicket ?

In the previous 5 WCs Indian Subcontinent countries are going into the finals. So in the next WC 2 Sub-continents will meet each other. How about→Ind vs. Pak?

Do you think New Zealand can win The World Cup?

To reach these finals they've beat SOUTH AFRICA,ENGLAND,WEST INDIES,etc.So in other words they've conquered the WORLD.I hope they lose the 2011World cup to INDIA

What time will the 3rd ODI cricket match between India and Bangladesh begin on May 15, 2007 in Chittagong?

More than Aussies conquering us, we have surrendered to them. only SL has put up sme fight atleast. n to ur question... i dont think they r gonna make it to the finals in 2011... they have been defying the LAW OF AVERAGES... but they will fall... sooner or latter!!

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