After beated by bangladesh is their is any guarantee that india will beat bermuda?


When did brain lara announced his retirement in ODI?

Definitely yes
Its already done
India won the match by a record 257 runs which is a world record

What do you say about the cricket team. Are we ready to win world cup 2007?

they will.they should...they can!

What would make the West Indies a better cricket team a, b,c?

you can even expect a much more horrifying performance..


How to play on the net in cricket 07?

yes india will not just beat bermuda they will smash bermuda

How can i join nagpur national cricket academy ?

Bermuda and Bangladesh Different. Dont Compare. India can beat Bermuda . But no more Bsangladesh.

My o my.y did pakistan play so bad?in the pro20?

almost yes

What should indian crecket do to be worlds best?

All I can say is that Bermuda appears to be a far safer bet than Bangladesh at first glance. But there are absolutely no guarantees. India is far too unpredictable and an inspired performance from Bermuda might do the trick that all Indians dread.

Who do u think will win the world cup?


What is the mean by when the player is standing behind the wicket?

If they can not beat Bermudas, then they should be packed and sent back immediately.

Predict match result.. Who is gonna win today in the match b/w INDIA vs BERMUDA??

yeah surely!
because India could have even beaten Bangladesh but they suffered from the cruelest disease "over-confidence" but they are sure to have learnt a lesson so they will surely play their best!!!

What did Munaf Patel say to Tamim in the india vs bangladesh game?

There is no sure bet in cricket,the best team on the day will win.India needs to pull their socks up if they want to win

Indians showng they support to Sri Lankan team...but is it true?

Yes ! India can beat bermuda..Bangladesh is a better team and they were good in warmup matches as well...But India should not take bermuda light..and i think they won't...they got a lesson !

In cricket how can you swing a taped tennis ball with a seam?

u r over react.

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