Any suggestions on cricket training drills for batting and wicketkeeping?

I'm a club cricketer (batsman/wicketkeeper) and am wondering if anyone has suggestions on training drills other than net practice? Particularly those which can be done with only one or two other people involved.


Sewagh--- a burden?

i dont know anyhting abotu raiing form cricket lol i jsut love watching australia play but on teh cricket show they aired some master class eps during the ashes on channel 9, and i remember seeing one baout fieliding whihc i think included wicket keeping and it had one person pegging a ball at a rubber mat (with deep ridges) and the ball bounced in all sorts of directions. im not sure if u dont live in asutrlaia u can watch these but give it a go

the one im talking a botu is called master class: feilding or sumthing lol u'll see

and hin that ep im tlaking abotu theres a few batting drills aswell

hope this helps :D

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