Anyone from India here?

Hi!I'm just curious.Which one do u prefer-Yahoo India or the US page.Personally ,I prefer the Us thing coz it's much better and global.


How much revenue is getting for cricketers by ads?

u r absolutely right.

i too prefer only US page coz its great
and has variety of thing.

its really great.
this doesnt mean that we like only US and not INDIA.


What do you think about Team India's loss against Sri Lanka?

This is the problem with you Indians that you say India India but like America America.

2007 world cup ,s highest wicket taker?

i am indian n i like d us page better than indian ..
same as u ..

Test question?

ya you are right

Should india stop playing international cricket for 2 years.?

i think u r absolutely right!

How many recent Indian cricketeers except Sachin Tendulkar playing for the country like Gavaskar, vishwanath?

i pefer indian page.. bcoz first of all i want to know abt current news from indian and then only i will go for global..

Why people like cricket very much in India?

u dont understand the struggle indian government

Why Bermuda in world cup cricket?

It depends on subjects.
On Sports,Politics,Govt etc..I concentrate on India page.
Science,religion etc.. i used to go India first,then global not any particular foreign country except when the matter relates to that country.

3 wickets & two 4's in same over, Who is This cricketer?

Indian page,then international simply because of numbers.

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