4 Cricket team for India?

I propose that India should have 4 cricket teams instead on usual 1. This will avoid factionalism where every state sends one guy. We can have India East / West / North & South. Or we can allow our states to participate internationally like basketball & baseball. Most of the sates in India has more population than other cricket playing nations and we do not have shortage of cricket sponsors. What's your opinion about it?


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its a good idea

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I am a woman and I love cricket is that a bit strange?

I think your idea is interesting. I think that would seriously weaken the chances for India winning anything - because with all the players together they still got knocked out of the world cup.

Best wishes

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Its a great idea and one that could have happened after the Second World War when India was created as a nation state.

Maharashtra has 96 million inhabitants and would be the second largest cricket nation after Pakistan. By the time of Indian independence it had already produced Test cricketers for England such as Ranji and Duleep.

Some Indian players chose to play for England rather than India but they would have played for their kingdoms. Ranji was loyal to Nawanagar rather than India for example.

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we are nowhere in football and baseball..because there are so many clubs and teams.

One united team is required but what is needed is GOOD POOL available to selectors so that no body assumes job as permanent.

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