Advertisement and media is one such reason for our cricket team to be unsucessful in world cup, is it true ?


Can somebody give me website where they show Highlight of pakistan innages 1st match of WC 2007?

Yes because of the involvement of money in them it divert the mind of any sportman.

In Saudi Arabia in which T.V. Channel i can watch live telecast of world cup cricket match?


What is your opinion/views/comments about Ravi Shastri's batting in ODIs?

Yes, it's true.

The draw, that's another reason.

The location of the tournament.

The hotel they stayed in, another reason.

The in-flight entertainment on the way there was sub-par - big reason.

Saturn's moon is in Aries rising - another good reason.

Anything except that they were outplayed.

Today New Zealand v Australia 2nd ODI live?

I beg to disagree with you. The disasterous exit of Indian team from the world cup is due to total failure of batsmen and bowlers to play to their potential and it will be a lame excuse to geta away from the truth by putting the blame on media.

Did Iran sailors push freddie flintoff off his pedalo?? My friend says he saw it all and it is true?

partly true..when you get millions of bucks even if you dont do your job, who will take jobs seriously?? or no play i'm making millions..then y to play??..this kinda feeling sets in when they get more money than they do on the field

Y indians cant *** over into a gud position in sports?

some what true

Why we need to cheer up Indian Cricket team when they are continuously failing to get a win?

yes,it is not the only reason but one of the reasons of why our Indian cricketers FAILED

Who are the famous cricketers that use ?

yup they have got enough money here . the reason why they dont play is that they r overconfident.

Who will broadcast cricket world cup 2007 in Hong Kong?

A bad worker always quarrells with his tools, goes the saying. When u can't perform well under pressure and when u don't want to perform for the good of the country, it is easy to shift focus elsewhere and blame all 'n' sundry for the failure. Get players who will perform for national honours rather than individual honours, for the Indian cricket team.

Who gonna win this world XI or Australia...see teams below?


Top websites on indian cricket team?

Hello there this is Ana just come across a site during the India-west indies and India srilanka although they have a small score card but there audio was fantastic and was really successfully enjoyed by me the site was
if you all think i delivered best then enjoy.

Can someone please explain the game of cricket?

Partially though, they have been doing it since a long long time But at the same time had performed well. The cause of the failure is mainly the DIRTY politics in the BCCI.

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