Are our superstars in cricket, honest in timely announcement of retirement as in Australian cricket ?


Do they no longer use the third empire in test cricket,the oe watching the diputed on a tv monitor ?

I remember the time when a player was paid 100 rupees for playing in a test match and a player named Salin Durani had to borrow a white pant and shirt from a friend to play in a test match but now our cricketers are loaded with money. Those superstars make tons of money from the corporations for promoting their products. Who is in a hurry to lose that kind of money by retiring? Sachin, Ganguli, Dhoni, Harbhajan,and Irfan Pathan all of them are there for MONEY. They will never retire voluntarily ever.

Why is Daryl Hair allowed to umpire?

why u people discussing about retirements, let them play yaar, dont disappoint them, they are coming up just now, let them come. ok

What do you think abount indian team batting? What is your openion?

See what ganguly has transformed into. perhaps these all are personal decisions and should be left to individuals only. regarding auses players, aus is a diffrent country their players have more secure future and are brought up in different atmosphere.

How do you like Indian Cricket Team's World Cup Jersy? Dont u think its very light coloured and looking pale.

eventhough they retire they get money by acting in advertisements so the don't have to worry

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