Which team do You think will take this year cricket WorldCup 2007?

Basically speaking i have seen a strong point between australia and srilankas i guess these two teams will reach the semi final what do you think does aus or srilanka have any chances


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Australia will definitely win.

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yeah Sri Lanka has become really strong & even New Zealand but i dnt think NZ can take the cup
so it has to be either Aus or SL
I wish it's Aus

Which channel in germany is live telecasting world cup 2007 cricket matches?

hello mam
WORLD CHAMPIONS AUSTRALIA are the fore most choice for millions of cricketing fans to achieve the WC hattrick.
Sri Lanka isalso doing well.
but i will play my guess and luck for the icc no 1 team who are really facing a bad luck for the past 2 world cups-the SOUTH AFRICA. acc to me they will get their first wc in the windies.

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australia, new zealand, lanka and south africa will qualify for semi and either new zealand or australia will win the cup but cant say cause south africa and sri lanka also have a bright chance but i think the kiwis would lift the cup this time

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Australia, South Africa,Sri Lanka and New Zealand look like making it to the last four. I predict a final between Australia and South Africa or Australia and Sri Lanka. Australia look the more favourite team to lift the cup.

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Australia will win the cup although SriLanka and SI are in the race.

Will india win World CUP?

Not Srilanka It might be Australi or South Africa

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australia is the best

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Since cricket is a game of uncertainties, nothing can be predicted about the winners of any tournament in advance.

As it stands now Australia, South Africa, New Zeland and Sri Lanka have chance to win the world cup. Whichever team plays to their potential consistently from now onwards will be the ultimate winners.

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Sri Lanka or New Zealand. Conditions suit them best and they have the slow to medium bowlers required for it. Add to that the fact that they bat a long way down the order and it's a toss up as to who'd win.

What is succes?

Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Sri Lanka will be , most probably, the semi finalists of this world cup and obviously two of them will play final. I can't predict its a game of cricket and any thing can happen. I think picture will be more clear as the super 8 stage progresses.

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Sorry people, this world cup will be in the Sri Lankans hand.
GO SRI LANKA GO- Hip Hip Hurray

Where will the cricket world cup 2011 be held in india?

I'm gonna say England.just to be different. Don't throw things at me now :-)

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