About cricket worldcup 2007 who are the possible winner ?


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India !!!!!!!!!

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Australia (we had to lose a few unimportant games to get better odds)

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India , Australiya , West indies

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Personally i think either Australia or West Indies will win. Although the aussies have lost some games lately, they absolutely flogged Scotland, so their confidence will be alot higher! Although Brett Lee is out of the team, i think the odds of them winning are really good

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Why cant Wales have its own cricket team at cricket wc.?

There are quite a few teams evenly matched.Aussies are beatable so it is anybody's cup this time around though i personally want India to win with their vastly experienced team

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The World Cup Cricket 2007 has started without a clear favourite to win the cup. Thanks to the recent debacle of Australia. Which two teams will reach the final ?.

After going through the various groups, match schedules shown in http://www.cricket.indhp.net [a site exclusively for world cup cricket 2007] i feel any team which reaches the semi final has a chance to win the cup. Cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties, which is the beauty of the game. My choice for the world cup semi finals are Australia, New zealand, West indies and India.

So how are indians feeling after the absolute caning u got at the hands of the south africans?

my heart say PAKISTAN but my mind says possible winner may be aus or S.A

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There are some teams that make me think that they might be the winners, that include India, Australia and South Africa. of all India has the maximum chances because its the only team that is fully fit (mentally and physically), on the same hand india contains three batsmen that have scored more than 10,000 runs in the one day internationals. The bowlers of India are fit, in form and 'in game'.

Australia are the other contestants in CWC that make me feel that are the winners. they have an absolutly talented squad, although they dont have their key player, Lee but the other bowlers are enough to bowl out any batsman in any team.

South Africa is the team that may get into the semi's or the finals but as they don't have a good quality spinner on the spinning pitches of west indes it might be difficult for them to bowl out the other team easily. In the semi's or the finals ( if SA reaches the last stages) SA will be fighting the second best team of the WC and winning on the W indies pitches withoput a bowler seems to be inpossible.
thank you i think i have answered the answers the question.

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