A reputed Pakistani doctor said in 1987," Cricket is pastime of eunuchs ." Do you agree ?

Indian Express reported this in 1987.


Shahid kapoor?

Oh really? Thats news to me. I was wondering why the British & Australian cricketers look odd? Now I know!!

Who is he best batsman?

The doctor must be a eunuch.

Who will be the winner in 2011 world cup cricket?

He probably wanted to hog the headlines and the reporter gave him the chance

Greg chapple kicked in orrissa?

What has this to do with the police?...(In other other words..what is the relation to each other?)

Why the cricket players are not beeting like others?

When someone know nothing about something,it is said "bander kya jaane adarak ka swad"
I think the doctor was only interested in books and operations

What are the chances of Sri Lanka winning cricket world cup this year?

if he is refering to only pakistanis its true.

Well Done AUSTRALIA!!?

tell the doctor to go to hell

Can u guess who will be the next world cup winner in cricket in 2007?

your media have no other business except the quoatations grasping from pakistan can you give me any other source except this indian newpaper

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