Any one of Asian team will win the ICC world cup-2007 trophy.comments please.?

India and Srilanka are the most favourite team of this world cup as their performance graph are gradually increasing and winning consistancy observed during couple of years.


Which player scored the highest individual total against India in One Day International cricket?

From the winners of the FIFA world cup held last year,

1. They won it 24 years ago

2. They wear blue dress

3. No one except their country believed that they could win it

4. Country's name is 5 letter word starting with 'I'

In FIFA its Italy.

Try comparing this with cricket world cup records, and u can predict the winner of this year world cup as well!!!! INDIA

Who was the captain of pakistan?

both maybe the favourite teams but 1983 history will be repeated this time

Do you feel Brain Lara should have played test circket for few more years?why?

Of course India will win! No doubt !

Which four team shall be in semifinal?in worldcup cricket?guess?

India - no hope, they cant play away from home.

Sri Lanka - yes while their chucker is playing they have a good chance.

Australia is the strongest team on paper. But New Zealand is a real chance.

Who is the best batsman in the world?

Think Postive Indian Will Win Just Watch & C

Where can I watch world cup Final in Milwaukee, WI?

India has better chance of winning.
Sri Lanka...umm (Not sure)

Why do you think Robin Uthappa is on the squad but not Irfan Pathan?

Since cricket is a game of uncertainties, nothing can be predicted for sure about the outcome of a tournament in advance.

As it stands now all the top 8 teams have a chance to win the world cup. Whichever team plays to their potential consistently during the world cup will be the ultimate winners.

Australian Cricketers vs Indian Cricketers ?Give your views?

sri lanka lost 2 d west indies, and west indies don't have their game together.
india still stand a fair chance.

i'm backing england & west indies.


Is CBN atleast going to show World Cup Highlights?

i agree with you and understand what u mean but u need to realize that cricket is a very unpredictable game
anything can happen
u or me or anyone else dont know what is going to happen
we just have to wait and see

Where can I see Cricket World Cup 2007 on Internet?

this time INDIA and SRI LANKA have a good chance due to their spinners and the pitches will suit them a lot!! rest is all upto them we'll keep our fingers crossed!!

What do you guys think will India won the World cup this year?Explain.?

west indies will win, not india or sri lanka.

The most boring final of history! as if players are told to be quick, finish the match and let them go home!?


probably, lets put it this way
Pakistan just lost against W.I., so has a real slim chance to win the WC
Bangladesh, nope
Sri lanka probably, but they just lost against an asian country, so it is possible but a slim chance (bigger than Pakistan's)

India is the only team that has the potential to win this WC in asia.

India should remember that there are countries like NZ, Aus, and SA

but india, i personally think will win the WC.

Why are fielding positions,silly point and thirdman,called so in cricket?

India and Sri Lanka do have a chance but other super eight teams also have a chance.
Let's wait till the end of super eight and you may guess more easily

Who do you think will be the best all-rounder in the World Cup?

Any of the 2 can win as both r formidable teams.

Why its called duck when someone is out on zero in a cricket match?


Whats the best cricket team in the world?


What is the maximum runs a batsman can score in an over ?

india wil win da world cup.....

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