Anil Kumble has declared retirement from one day cricket, why is Sachin Tendulkar not retiring? Your opinion?


Australia will win cricket world cup again ?

He bcame d Godfather of Indian cricket.Good for nothing.Only bcoz of these greedy lads d real Indian young talents r getting lost.
He himself bcame an advertisement .This is d drawback of Indian Cricket.

Y to blame chaple when ur players r not gud.
Indian cricket need a Big MAKE OVER.

Two Cricket Questions..?

yes, because he want to earn as much as he can till the last moment.:D:D:D

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May be he is bound by some agreement with ad-promoters and not free to take that decision himself.
Better the Board give him a break of six months in which to regain his confidence and form.

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I believe he must have told the board that he is not going to retire before he is given the seat of (MIS)Chief Selector.

He can make a lot of money from that post.
Afterall every1 wants to be in the team.

Can anyone tell me the equation for calculating net run that will be used in the ICC world cup?

Because he want more money. I am from Pakistan and i feel the same way for my cricketers. No one except Inzi is retiring, why? they are all greedy and they play for themselves not for their countries. So be happy and support NewZealand, atleast for this worldcup :)

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u tell me if u were earnin 2.25 lakh rupees 4 every match u play would u retire without gettin kicked out?
guess this answers ur question?

Who will be the Man of series in World Cup??

He wants to earn more money by doing ADS.Indian cricketers like Dravid&Tendulkar are selfish enough to give youngsters a chance .

Will india reach at final in the world cup-2007 ?


Will england beat australia in the super eight i am hoping for a surprise?

My opinion,
Is that i think still got somethin to proove.

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Anil Kumble has done a right thing.First his age second he had a severe ups and down in the past.I think ie was treated a commodity as and when required he was called otherwise he was left in a lurch many times.As far asSachin is concerned it's the right time to call it a day.His physical problems these days has made him ineffective and unpredictable.Also he is like an emperor and the expectation from the cricket community are very high but his performance belied

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Because of the advertisements then sahin will be announce he will retire all ad. will go from his hands and how he will be apeare on TV with out ad.he want keep himself in lime light

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Because he wants to play with his team until they have won a World Cup.

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Announcing retirement from one-day cricket is a individual decision and cannot be forced on anyone. Anil Kumble has announced his retirement from one-dayers as he has decided that he wants to retire and wants to concentrate more on the bigger version of the game.
Like-wise India's and one of the greatest cricket player the world cricket has seen Sachin Tendulkar will also have his own views on when to retire. When Sachin himself feels that his mind and body is not co-ordinating he will itself take a desision and we should as Indian's give him a respectable send off as he has served India well.
Some players time their retirement while they are at peak form and some others announce their retirement when they feel that they are detoriating in their performance. Sachin is still in the mid thirties and has a good amount of cricket left in him. He can take a break and come back and start afresh and serve Indian cricket well as he has the talent.

What do u think about M.S DHONI?COMPare him with other wicketkeper batsmen.?

No need to retire, In first and second WC ,India didn't perform well also in 1992.Still, Sachin can able to do miracles.

Bangladesh is uprising star of tomorrw. what U think ?

The decision of retiring or not fully depending upon Sachin Tendulkar. If he is confident that he can regain his form he can continue.

I think india will lose 2nd test what do u think?

he is going to be next captain of india

Shall India Deserve Cricket World Cup ?

Sachin will be only 34 this April while Anil Kumble has crossed the age of 37.Sachin has a lot of cricket in him.

I am in india can i see all matches live here through internet wat r websites if available ??

hey yaar he is just 34
he can play 4 3 more yrs

Does any body have a website where is they show WARM UP MACTHES highlight of WORLD CUP 2007?

The date was 18 December 1989, the match, India versus Pakistan, at the Municipal Stadium, Gujranwala. A young lad of 16 took stance to face the first ball of his international career. And though he began his career with a duck, Sachin Tendulkar soon became a god with a million worshippers. An icon. The face of Indian cricket. Over the past two decades, he won almost every award that he could have, including the Arjuna Award (1994), Wisden Cricketer of the Year (1997), Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna (1997/98) and the Padma Shri in 1999. Over these years, Team India had its fair share of glorious days and bad patches, reshuffles and fluctuating fortunes. But such was Sachin’s demigod image that they did not have any impact on him, he kept on crossing milestones and his space in the Indian team was a given.
But Dilhara Fernando changed all that with a killer of a ball that whizzed past Sachin in the do-or-die match between India and Sri Lanka in the ongoing World Cup. For the first time in India’s cricketing history, police guards were posted outside Sachin’s house in Mumbai, for fear that angry fans might turn against the hero. The moment that Dilhara clean bowled Sachin – will that be the defining moment that toppled one of cricket’s most loved heroes from his iconic pedestal? Possibly, the BCCI meeting scheduled for April 7 will reveal that. Or will the man himself, weary of the burden that he’s carried on his shoulders for 18 long years, call it a day… Will Sachin, the brand who sold a thousand brands, fade out in style? Should he?


Publicspeak: He’s changed

A recent TOI poll left no doubt as to what current public opinion was. For the first time in his career, a whopping 92 per cent said ‘yes’ to the question ‘should Sachin be dropped?’ But wasn’t he their icon? “There has been a lot of change in Sachin. When I first interviewed him when he was 15, he was full of exuberance and youth, but with age you change, and so did Sachin. He’s not the same player – he does not dominate the field anymore,” says Tom Alter, who was the first person to interview Sachin Tendulkar on TV as a 15 year old kid. “I think we need to have a brand new team, and the socalled iconic players should play in the domestic circuit, prove their form and then, if their body and age allows it, come back again. I’d rather see younger boys losing and learning to win than these so called big names losing,” feels Adhiraj Singh, polo player. Echoes actor Arbaaz Khan, “I think it’s time senior players such as Sachin and Sehwag are given some time off to recharge their batteries.”

Expertspeak: Same yardsticks for all

For the first time again, somebody from the world of cricket actually went on record against Sachin. Here’s the man, who set the debate snowballing: “Before anybody else makes a decision on what will happen to Tendulkar, he himself has to have a good long look in the mirror and decide what he’s trying to achieve in the game. At the moment he looks like a player trying to eke out a career; build on a glittering array of statistics. If he really is playing for that reason and not to help win as many matches as he can for India then he is wasting his time and should retire immediately,” went the infamous Ian Chappell observation. And sadly, for Sachin, there are many out there echoing Chappell. “The body doesn’t recognise talent. You may be better than your contemporary 34-year-olds but you can’t be better than 20-plus boys. An injured body is slow to react, and as it is, reflexes slow with age. You just can’t be the same player,” explains Dr SKS Marya, Director of Orthopedic Institute, Max. “You are as good as your last performance and if this is the parameter for judging a sportsman, then it is applicable to one and all. I think going by recent performances, it’s time Sachin thought about
opting out. And if he is not in form, which is quite visible, in time he may be dropped from the team as well. The yardstick should be same for everyone,” is Kirti Azad’s take. “The best way to keep your acts fresh in the public’s memory is to keep adding to them. No one can rest on their past laurels. Chamatkar hai, toh namaskar hai,” says Navjyot Sidhu, adding, “Sachin’s career is obviously in decline – it’s painful to see him scratching around. He still has the skill, but lacks confidence or the arrogance of a Ricky Ponting in his strokes. But it would be wrong to throw statistics on his face at this point. For, what statistics reveal maybe very suggestive, but what they conceal is vital. Sachin is a once-in-a-generation player. The least we can do is respect his decision and give him the chance to end his story in a happy way.”

...CAN HE?

Well, public memory is a short affair. As Sidhu puts it, “A cricketer is as good as his last innings.” So one century from Sachin and they’ll forgive all. But, supposing, he’s not in the team anymore, what will happen to all his iconic endorsements? With so much at stake, can he afford to retire? Says adman Piyush Pandey, “The disappointment of his not performing is definitely there. But we must realise that he has not built himself over one tournament – but over sustained hard work of 18 years. So even if he were to retire tomorrow, it won’t affect his status of being a humble human being, an Indian who has made the country proud, a responsible father and husband, a loving family man… these are values that the companies
looking for celeb endorsements want in their icon. And Sachin has it all.”
Let’s just take a look at Sachin’s current endorsement commitments and the time period they’re on for…

• On May 4, 2006, Sachin signed a three-year marketing deal reportedly in the region of $40 million (Rs 180 crore) that will stretch till 2009.

• In November 2006, Sachin signed a threeyear deal with Singapore-based talent management and sports marketing firm World Sports Group, which is the largest for an India brand ambassador. The deal is estimated to be 30-35 per cent more than the Iconix deal.

• Canon, the global manufacturer of digital imaging products and digital cameras, has signed up Sachin Tendulkar as its brand ambassador till 2010 for approx Rs 40 crore, as part of WSG deal.


Ian Chappell can have his views, and the world can have theirs. And no, I am not saying Sachin should keep playing till he’s 70. But, as a er, he has the right to decide when to retire, what is current situation, and his fitness levels.We can cry selves hoarse over his but ultimately it’s he who to go out there and play. he can – he’s theSachin done a wonderful job of ing on the country’s baton, all alone for all years. So why grudge him other stint? Why not him and his decisions? friend, I can say that the I know will sit still till this worst storm of his life es, and then he will stand up and stun everyone – ther with a sterling performance, or a final decision. he’s a fighter. Can’t we all wait and give him that

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