About indiais defeat at the hands of srilanka?

Question:india delibrately lost to lankan lions 2weeks back .forpaltry 185. without a fight. isi it they play for money. the entire team shou;d be removed you can say banned for life. creat e new team .is it lankans are unbeatable . i think kiws and ozxzzzzzz
can ggive defeat them when proteas can do it so


How can I fight disappointment?

While the batsmen and bowlers failed miserably in the match against Sri Lanka, it is not at all fair to conclude that they lost the match to Sri Lanka deliberately. In any match the form of the players on the day of play decides the outcome of the match. Unfortunately for India all the players were totally out of form on the day of the match against Sri Lanka. Removing all the players is not the correct remedy. Instead, changes should be made gradually and the players should be made accountable for their performance by revising their payment structure based purely on performance.

Is india the best team?

Who cares. Cricket is about as exciting as watching paint dry. It's so bad, it even makes soccer look exciting.

Criterion B - What amounts to 'cricket work' and how do you provide evidence of 100 days over five years?

It was not our day at all, whether in bowling or batting
It was all srilanka's day
what else we can say...
but the lost to Bangladesh was really very very disappointing..

When is India's match against West Indies in pune?Is it day and night match?

sri lanka played well to win

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