Any Sri Lankans there...??

Question:hi friends.., dont you think that this the time for us to get together and join in hands to support our unbeatable cricket team for the ICC cup 2007.?? i think we MUST ...coz this forum is full of indians..who naturally dislike our boys to win the trophy back...

so what are we suppose to do..??


Should lbw decisions in cricket be given after consulting the third umpire?

Are you really serious about supporting the Sri Lankan team, then stop looking for the same in this forum. What are you trying to prove? Patriotism or hatred towards other countries.
Both of them are not going to help you or the team. So quit!!

Fastest Bowler Ever in Cricket history?

u buy me a drink .lol

Which Cricket team has looked positive in its approach so far in this World Cup?

Go to Windies and show your "natural support" to the team you wish to win

Who will be the winner of this ICC world cup?

yes. raavanasura, kumba karna, megha nadha..etc.

1. Which Australian bowler conceded the maximum runs in an innings in his Test career at Kolkata in 2001?


Pak vs sa webcast li?

Well...we suppose 2 do nothing...just sit & watch the action..our game performance speaks itself better so thatz the answer for all folks out here...but yeat we support them & wish them to win...

I have brief comment about the last match which we lost to india...I cant accept this becoz of some poor decisions...Coz do not under-assess SL Cricket team based on last match performance against india...


Tharanga's dismissal is very close as the replys suggest while mahale's dismissal is out of off stump .l. unlucky .l. & Banara's dismissal is dreadful. How the hell someone can give out for a ball which pitch from leg stump ok.. lets say its an inswinger but this ball wasnt even going to the legstump @ all. So 3 wickets of zaheer's 5 wickets are bad decision in which one of them by the world's best umpire. And another one of Mahroof, i just cant understand what the hell umpires were doing there.

India win - man of the match - Umpire AM Saheba

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