A belatted Celebration of Australias World Cup Champions, could ANYONE beat us ? Ever ?

Ok that may be a stretch but just to relive how good was that ! It's our summer religion and only true "National" sport, how could any country expect to win regularly against us ?


Where can i buy a New Zealand ODI crciket shirt?

Have you forgotten the successive defeats at the hands of England and New zealand.

Should sachin tendulkar take retirement from one day cricket after world cup?

Yes, it is possible. England and New Zealand have already proved it. Australia has suffered 0-3 defeat at the hands of New Zealand a couple of months ago.

And why an Australian player needs to use squash ball in his gloves for a better grip to hit big shots while it is not allowed under the rules?

Who was the best pair of opening bowlers out of: Ambrose & Walsh, Donald & Pollock or Wasim & Waqar?

I strongly feel that no team can boast that they are unbeatable and remain so for ever. Such complacency will lead to their downfall.

What is the present score?

Huh? Aussies the champions? They are not the champions just cheaters!

Yes You are correct how could anyone beat you if you bat with a squash inside your gloves? Huh? Champions.

Sri lanka wasn't the champions BUT THEY ARE NOT THE CHEATERS!! O.K!! they are the real champions; Champions of our hearts.

India need bermuda help to reach to super8.will india be helped?

what a joke srilanka ..Eh
Lenny man
do you know that.
your ancesters were marooned from British ships to Australia..
Famous .Nelson...then kicked your a**es
& ship dropped
if you want to know why ask your parents.
sorry to wake you up from your fantasy world~~~~

they would say the dark past of OZ.

it's a "Famous Secret" buddy.
Australia won it by cheating,
such as ,
1)some players used Banned medications.
2)some used banned equipments to boost bating.
3)People say ICC & Umpires bribed by Australian cricket .
sorry fans, i dont like to hide the truth.

What a fibber,..i mean
Lies? Ponting himself become lier when he defend Gilchrist
Fair ?..Nobody says OZ play fair
Drugs?..shane worne was banned for taking Drugs
Corruption?.. that's what Daryl Hair punished of
Bribery? they bribed MCC to clear Gilchrist
Rape?Rose Imerson the Australian Umpire is in the jail
History?OZ guys were shipdropped by British long ago.
Reason?it's also famous SECRET

plz buddy dont throw stones at others,
when you live in glass houses

1) Gilchrist never used the squash ball in the past and also in any of the other 10 games prior to the finals. Did the squash ball help?

2) Gilchrist was out of form and didn't score many runs in the whole World Cup tour apart from the finals. Did the squash ball provide Gilchrist the required assistance to bring him back to form?

3) The World Cup final was between Sri Lanka and Gilchrist (not Australia). All other in-form Australian batsmen were struggling to score except the out-of-form Gilchrist who had this squash ball to enhance his grip or did it?

Cricket tickets cheap online?

Best team - yes
Invincible - no

besides the generation of the so-called "invincible" Aussies is coming to an end & the new generation cannot keep up to what the seniors have achieved - we saw that in the NZ tour

If u want to make a team to defeat australia wat 11 player would u choose from different teams?

they're not cheaters. gilchrists batting coach said it could have been anything. even a bandaid with some cotton underneath it. the point is he's the first to do it, and others are jealous because of that. the icc said it was ok, so for that reason it technically wasn't cheating.

Has there ever been a hat trick achieved in Test Match and or One Day International in the West Indies ?

no no one can beat u

Which Is The Best Batting Order According To Your Opinion For Our Indian Cricket Team?


Of course we can be beaten, as no side is invincible (nor should be). Our Champion team will undergo further changes as the "old war horses" continue to retire. We will just have to wait and see how the newbies perform and how our and if the opposition improves.


Nala sorry to dissapoint you mate but some of what you wrote is incoherent. (No surprise!)

Do you want a social history lesson of Australia?
Because your perception (as usual with everything ) is completely warped! By the way only 2% of Aussie are decended from convicts, who were merely a British underclass that committed such heinous crimes as stealing a loaf of bread to feed their starving families!

We are the second most multi cultural nation on earth(about 160 nationalities), nearly 10% are Asian ,another 20 + % of us were not born in Australia, a further 20% are non Anglo Saxon (me!!).

But guess what mate? We don't have the racist rioting to the extent of say the USA, Britain, or France. Racist civil wars like Sri Lanka! Nor religious ones! We have never gone to war and invaded another land, we were a founding member of the UN,the first nation to give women the vote(South Australia1892) and are one of the oldest democracies in the world! No matter what our anticedants we regard ourselves as Aussiie s first and foremost!!

A stable, welcoming diverse mish-mash of peoples that love their sport and perform extremely well!! We historically finish within the top 10 countries in Olympics (top 5 in the last 4 or so). Regularly trouncing nations 10-50 times our size. It's a clean healthy society without a culture of bribery and cheating you are so desperately repeating ad infinitum without basis!

Grow Up Man!!

Oh yes, Goodbye sports1234.com til next year.
Getting a life and travelling to my dads homeland, so keep up the good fight Forky ,Brissy & others!
Cheers Kanga!

What is Match Curtailed?


You may talk about this and many other things.You can discuss about any team, and players, their performance in Test Matches, ODIs, and 20-20 cricket.You can even discuss about Minnow Cricket Nations or talk about Cricket Issues.100s of members will be there to answer your queries like these.It is Kid Friendly(No foul language) and it is free!


Who did bob woolmer play with at kent cricket club in the 80s?

nothing is forever although when it comes to our cricket team i wish it was,but sadly at some stage we will have to go through a rebuilding period,but until that day comes lets enjoy being the WORLD CHAMPIONS for the third consecutive time.

p.s great answer kanga,enjoy the trip mate hopefully all will be quiet on the western front-for a while anyway lol .

Would indians can do better than this?

Disagreed. Aussies are cheaters and the whole world knows that. They might have won but who accepts it as a real win? U guys only. Please stop convincing the world you guys are the real champs. Cheaters won this time. That was Sri Lanka's world cup. What a shame. U Aussies still want us to believe you guys actually won the world cup eh? First, let's make Lee and Tait chuckers go through a test... Check aussies' bats, gloves.. Wait. Not only that... Blood everything. Their winning formula lies in performance enhancers. So sad.

What time do the world cup cricket game start west indies time?

don't ever be over confident about your team every team got the potential to defeat australia but they are not confident enough and are not recognising they potential i am confident that each and every team in this game of cricket can defeat australia,india will do it.

Web link for pakistan and srilanka one day match and India v/s bangladesh test please?

Its been a pleasure answering your questions Kanga...you have a good trip...And dont you worry about anything, we will hold the fort...lol.. Good luck and best wishes..xoxox

Nakala you have some reading here..learn something from it!

From which state is Mahendra Singh Dhoni ?

Thanks Kanga, for the info. (if you read it. I donno where u r going that you can't participate in YA). I knew the convict story (tho I treat that as a reason for ur mental toughness, not as bad character inheritance), but donno if that's irrelevant now. If that is, kudos.

Who was the first player to be dismissed for a golden duck in 2003 worldcup cricket?

Every team will get their turn to beat you.But can't say when.
Teams that hold their head high will bite the dust sooner than later.

STUNNING DISCOVERY - why india lost to bangladesh??

No Doubt AUSSIES are the best in history of circket in tests as well as odi,s today all the claims can be justified by their top performance and they are going to be the champion team for a longer time.
The million dollar question is who will bring them down to earth.A team who can beat them in all conditions not only in home ground and favorable conditions but to beat them fair and square with out the help of poor umpiring and ICC.

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