Why only Ganguly, why not Sachin?

Question:When due to a worthless e-mail leakage, Ganguly was not only stripped of captaincy, but also shown the door as a player, what action should be taken against Sachin for his breach of discipline (speaking to the media)?

Why was no action taken against Sachin, when sometime back he refused to take a fitness test? Are there different rules for different players? If it is so, it is very sad.

Is it not true that on and off Sachin has given interviews that captaincy interests him? No one wants him to be captain, but he does give such statements.

Till players are told to behave (even Ganguly was arrogant at a point of time), and are selected on basis of performance (not records), India’s performance will continue to deteriorate. Sometimes records are a useless thing. Had Sachin scored an unbeaten century against Bermuda, he would still have had an average of over 50 in this World Cup!

I am not anti-Sachin, but he has been given more chances than other players after non performance


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tendulkar is the darling of the media. There are vested interests in the media who want tendulkar to continue. Ganguly unfortunately has not been so lucky. Once his god father, Dalmiya left, Ganguly has had no luck

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Chappell is responsible.He was successful in driving away Ganguly but failed against Sachin.

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hai I am Varun,

No one can take action against Sachin, because he is the most experienced and influenced person in the cricket. Even Chapell says Sahin is not included in any of the match, people will ask why?
If Ganguly is removed people will think, it could be because of his behaviour or some injury. If he become captain he will not score well and he will not place the feilders well.

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Let us wait and see till the BCCI meeting before jumping to conclusions.

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Because SACHIN is the favourite of many,but Ganguly is not.Moreover Ganguly was targeted by Chappel and not Sachin.

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in my u have asked a good question we should mainly blame sachin think wise he was the best once upon a time i agree but now india needs young players not the old guys . sachin should have commonsence in a year 7 months he is sufering with some injury but also he wants to play then when will the others get a chance if he is a real sport man he should resign before the world cup he is just money minded

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This is India my friend.

You see today Chappell resigned because just sachin is upset.

I studied all Chappell records, and i found that Chappell having great experience.

this is a big business, because our players get very good money from ads companies. so sachin always out due to medical fitness. but realty is that if he leave cricket then all ads agreements will be canceled automatically.

Sourav is a no 2 in team India. and he was very close to Jagmohan Dalmiya

BBCI considering Sachin is a like Bhishma in team India.

but they do not know they are wrong.

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Sachin had a better image but it is time for him to leave.

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yea.. i support this guy..

New Zealand to take the Cup?

When we speak of records, it is like some employees saying that they should be allowed to remain idle during working hours as they have put in lot of service, worked hard for the organization during their initial years, and now the juniors should do all the work.

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