2007 Twenty20 World Cup!?

What i find so unfair is that the ICC have chosen South Africa to host the first ever twenty20 world cup this autumn! The question im asking is why? This form of the game was invented in the UK yet we don't get to host it first, what the hell is going on there how stupid and wrong is this!


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You are right.
The reason is UK might be a super power in general. It is not a super power in cricket.

Wats a powerplay in cricket?

There is nothing wrong with it. It is just that you are not white. The world prefers whites. live with this fact. All white countries will be chosen.

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Your right ! as undisputed World Champions Australia should be honoured by hosting the World Twenty20 Cup. We do it better than anyone else !

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politics in cricket.:(:(
its happenin everywhr...

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The decision to select South Africa to host the first Twenty/20 World Cup was taken by ICC Executive Committee after examining the bids made by the nations keen to hold the event.

It has been decided to hold the event in 2007 at South Africa, in 2009 at England, in 2012 at Sri Lanka and in 2014 atBangladesh.

The ICC decided that South Africa and England should host the first two tournaments because they were the earliest adopters of the format.

What do you think are the possible solutions for improving the quality of Indian cricket team after this exit?


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yes politics ,curruption, and Bribery..
thats what white dominated countries do for Cricket.
world cup for an Example
Umpires & ICC supported OZ
Yes its,Disgusting...man

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the response from Mr.VAKAYIL is absolutely correct, other posts are not in the real spirit of cricket.

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all the icc care about is money u would get more people in south africa than in england thats why. i didnt really think people cared about 20/20 anyway

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If ICC is looking for money then the tournament would surely come to the sub-continent which generates more money for cricket than any other continent. The selection of venue is based on bid. May be england might have lost the bid. ICC should not be blamed for this

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south africa has better batting pitches than england.

Was Todays South Africa / Srilanka game the Greatest Game ever!!?

u must be live in Uk

they all r same

Can there be any sachin tendulkar again?

God bless us, because a 50 over game was too much for us!
It should have been hosted in Uk, since it last hosted a WC in 1999, and maybe next in 2019, as India hosts 2011 and Aussies 2015.

Does any one of u know the trick to improve your balling and make it faster?


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