A re there any of my american friends there that have played or tried british cricket.?

Have they tried or mastered british first class cricket and is it any different than their major league baseball..could they come to england and give a demo to our boys. Or could you advise them to take up american baseball. I fed up with hearing or seeing our guys lose.


Greg chapple kicked in orrissa?

whilst i our fortunes fluctuate wildy at the moment, cricket is the epitome of 'Englishness'. Baseball is simply an american adaptation of an English girls game called rounders! So no comparison really!!

Singapore: Cricket Buddies shop address in Serangoon?

Its a lot different you fool!

India team losses the match in crucial moments always?is it correct to react physically with players& family?

Cricket isn't British, it is English. And they're crap at it. Anyone from Scotland who plays cricket is usually of English descent or just a w*nker.

Can anyone tell me what's the reggae style music played during sky sports coverage of cricket world cup ,thank

are you serious - cricket is cricket nothing to do with baseball whats all this british nonsense - super fred

Which partnership is the highest by runs in world cup 2007 so far?

I've never played cricket, although I've watched it played. Quite a bit different than baseball, which I prefer. If you see a recreation of 19th century baseball played you can certainly see the similarities between the two sports in the underhanded pitching, bat control, barehanded fielding, etc.

What should be the batting order for shewag?

How can you compare cricket to baseball, that's just like comparing a ferrarri to a robyn reliant, go and sit in a dark room and think mate.

Who will win in this cricketworldcup2007.will it be Australia?

firstly there is ZERO comparison between the 2 sports.

secondly - LMFAO you think America can save your team?!! (lol because they do sooooo well at international team sports lol) what England needs, is to sack the selectors!Your selectors are shite! Freddie, Peitersen, Monty and Bell are your only players that are up to level and worthy of being in a test team and they also need to hire Warnie to coach the newly selected team, then you may stand a chance..still LMFAO, US baseball players assist england test cricket team lol

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