A big loss or what?

Does it mean that because Aussie lost the C&B finals, they are most likely to be drowned in the world cup too by england?


Would SRI LANKA Win The World Cup?

I dont think that the CB Series loss will necessarily mean Australia will not win the World Cup. In fact, it might have the opposite effect and make them more determined to win. All eyes in the cricketing world are now looking at Australia wondering if they are still as good as expected. This may motivate them to win the World Cup in the most ruthless and dominating fashion to prove they are still the best and that England played exceptionally well to win 3 in a row against them.

If Australia performs badly in NZ however, warning bells may sound, as a continued bad patch of form is not something to take lightly, and might open the door for a team such as England whose confidence now has a massive boost.

Bangladesh powdered India to bits and pieces. Still do you think that India can win the World Cup 2007?

under pressure england is no way near australia.we saw that in the ashes.aussies have got some big match players like hussey,ponting,gilchrist.thats why they a the champion side.

Would you put sehwag against the blistering speed of vaas, mahroof and malinga?

The defeat in one series does not indicate what will happen in the next tournament. The defeat in the hands of Englnd will be
a signal to Australia that they cannot take any team for granted in the world cup and that they have to struggle hard and perform
cnsistently to win the world cup

Answer me which team have the capability to won the worldcup (cricket-2007)?

They have lost in three successive matches to England,gut mainly because of Collingwood.
This may spur them up.
Still it must be admitted that they are on the decline for the past one year.

Who is the best Murali/ Mcgrath/ Lara ?

i would be happy if it happens!!!!!

"Sachin is no more the old one","Rahul Dravid is bad captain", and "If India can ever win the WC"--Comment.

England played well

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